How many of you have been making new year's resolutions every year and nothing comes out of it because you kinda forget about what you've made in the first place? Or, you wrote it down somewhere and your busy bee lifestyle steered you off the course and you didn't have the time to do what you had wanted to do?

Well, you are not alone. But I really hope 2017 is the year for me to change.

I am still young. 

Ahem... FYI, for us who are below 35, we are still considered as youths, okay?

Anyway, I have a lot of dreams. Dreams that I have not succeeded in making them come true. I believe you guys know what I mean. So this year, I decided to do things that I love. Yes. Just this one resolution than my usual long list of it that didn't come true. Yet.

There is a reason why I didn't do what I love or want to do for so many years and it is because of judgemental people. I cared about these people's opinions too much and I worried that they will laugh at me in my face or behind my back. True story, bro.

One example is this blog. When my wife and I started this blog, we did it because we want to share things in our daily lives that may benefit people. It is for a good cause. But when I went for my reservist the same year, people were mocking me as a blogger. I was affected. It is true.

Why do you have to laugh at me for doing things that I enjoy doing? You may question me back on why I let you get to me. Well, because I have low confidence in myself. Period.

So this year, I am aiming to do what I love, which is.... It is a secret for now. But when it is launched, I bet you will all see it without me having to share it on my Facebook.

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