Technology has advanced through the years and with competition, things are moving even faster. I love and I embraced technologies. In fact, I believe that I am light years ahead of many friends in terms of using technologies.

While these technologies are here to convenient our lives, I wonder if their appearance is also here to make our lives difficult. I'm talking about employment. With automation, I do not see the point in hiring 12 production workers to do a job when two workers are sufficient to carry out the tasks. All you need to do is to invest money to train them. Often, training costs turn out to be lower than hiring talents.

One good example is McDonald's. They have self-ordering computers in most of their stores for consumers to Do It Yourself. And I do noticed that the Hougang outlet has lesser staff since its inception. Of course this is just one outlet observation, but the logic is there. Theoretically, if I invest 50,000 dollars on a robot that can do the job, why would I invest the amount in an employee whom I need to provide annual leave, sick leave, CPF contribution and etc.?

I don't know. Maybe I'm still not quite sold on the idea that automation is the way to go for certain jobs. While it certainly improves both work and cost efficiency, it is also the root of the problem.

What do you think? Am I too pessimistic about this issue?

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