It has been a year of hiatus since our last post on Boxing Day 2015. Recently, I have been extremely inspired and thought we should give it a go again. This time, I promise that I will be more committed.

Some of you must have been curious about what happened to Mister and Missus Ko after our last update. Well, we have been working real hard. My wife took up a new job about a year ago and she has been busy ever since.  So you may not see her post as much as I will be doing. As for myself, I too changed my job although technically speaking, I am still with the Group hiding in one of the subsidiaries' corporate communications department.

I am also very excited to share that I will be starting a design company before the end of this year. So this is something I look forward to very much as I have been talking about it for aeons. More details to come.

Oh! We will be travelling to South Korea again later this month, which is another thing to look forward to. As mentioned earlier, we have been busy with our work and to finally take a break is such a relief!

I have many plans for this blog. So stay tuned!

This is all that I have for now. Talk to you soon.


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