Gina Darling
Most Singaporean men will have to go through the two years of National Service be it in the Army, Police Force or the Civil Defence Force.

But for people who kena the Army like yours truly, you'll realise that the most painful thing to eat outfield is your green packs. The most disgusting that I ever had was the infamous Chicken Pontei Rice (not sure if I got the spelling right. Do I have to respect it?) I have no idea what it is made of but it sure tasted foul.

And so as I was browsing through YouTube, I came across Gina's attempt at the US Military Food, also known as MRE. Seriously, I feel that their ration is a lot better than ours although it may not be as nutritious. They are packed with stuff to solidify your shit to give the soldiers a Happy 4th of July.

What raised my eyebrows is the hot beverage bag. You gotta check it out! Here's the video~


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