My eyesight got from bad to worse in recent months probably due to the increase in my gaming activity. I have a Playstation 4. So who can blame me for playing games on an awesome console? 

Anyway, my eyesight got so bad that I needed to strain my eyes to look at signboards in the mall while with my glasses on. So last weekend my wife and I decided to pop by OWNDAYS at Central,
Clarke Quay to get myself a new pair of spectacles. We chose this outlet because we know that it will not be as crowded as 313 Somerset.

Those who have window-shopped at OWNDAYS will know that most of the time you can shop with ease without having sales persons lurking behind you. This is actually a plus for me. I dislike being followed around when I shop and if it happens, I’ll just leave.

The concept of OWNDAYS is simple:-

1) Pick the frame that you like

2) Proceed to the counter/approach any staff with the frame and tell them you would like to make the purchase

3) Choose your lens

4) Get your eyesight evaluation done 

5) Wait for 20 minutes for your spectacles.

I guess the unique selling point of OWNDAYS to me is that I can take my time to choose my own spectacles frame. The traditional spectacles shop always keeps their precious collections in display boxes that only the opticians can open and show you a few at a time. Some people may view it as customer service. I agree but it puts unnecessary pressure on customers such as yours truly to make decision fast and machiam die die also must buy since many samples have already been shown to me.

So after choosing my frame and approaching the staff, the next step is to get my eyesight evaluated. We waited for about 15 minutes for my turn even though I’m the second in the queue. It wasn’t a big deal since there was a bench for us to sit down and wait.

It took us another 15 minutes or less to get my eyesight evaluated. It could’ve been faster though. But it’s my fault. Haha! You know that as part of the evaluation, you are required to wear a pair of quirky spectacles that the optician will fit in many lenses with different clarity? Well, I was stuck there. I was unsure if I could really see clearly or whether my eyes were playing tricks on me, or the lights diffused into the room affected my vision to see clearly. So that took a while. But the optician was patient with me. Thank God for that.

Can’t blame me, right? Even though the spectacles are cheaper than the ones I had before, it’s still my hard-earned money leh.

After the evaluation is done, I was given a warranty card that is valid for the next 6 months and 1 x S$20 voucher that I can use on my next purchase. And all that I had to do now was to wait for another 20 minutes for my spectacles. I think they took less than the said time to get it ready, maybe 15 minutes?

The quality of the spectacles is pretty decent. The frame of the spectacles cost S$60 and the normal high index lens cost S$98. So all in all I paid S$158  for the product. I think it’s worth it given that my previous pairs of spectacles cost me 2 – 3 times more. I will definitely go back and get a second pair for my reservist/ my runs since the experience with them is pretty good. 

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