Our Seoul trip was nothing short of amazing. It was an eye-opening experience for us. It was something different from our favourite country, Taiwan. Don't get me started on Hong Kong. Yucks.

This post is not going to be a review about our trip. If you are interested to know, you can either drop us a message or Google for places where tourists go. What I want to share in this post instead are five items that you might want to consider bringing on your next trip. So read on.

1) Extension Cord

I brought the extension cord along as a “just in case” item. But it turned out to be really useful because our hotel room had only one power source and we had six electronic devices waiting to juice up. I know that the extension cord is bulky and leceh. So before you decide on whether you need to bring one for your trip, I would advise that you send an enquiry to your hotel to ask about the number of power source in your room.

2) Overseas Wifi Router

I rented the overseas wifi router from Changi Recommends. Many friends advised me to get it so that I can remain connected to the Internet while I’m on the move in Seoul. I wasn’t sure about renting one at first because it means that we will incur additional cost. But it turned out to be extremely handy. We were able to access our Google Map when we were unsure of our location and we were able to post photos of our trip as and when we want. You may want to consider renting this BUT if you or your other half is a workaholic, please refrain from getting it. You don't want your wife or husband to write emails while you are taking a wefie, right?

3) Herbal Tea

Herbal tea is the most unusual item to bring but we wished we had it with us then. Like many tourists, we tried all kinds of food during the trip. And as expected, after a day or two, we felt the heatiness. My wife had a swollen gum and I had a sore throat. So if you love food like we do and do not want to fall sick during your trip, bring along some herbal tea to cool your qi.

4) Umbrella

Umbrella was never on our travel packing list. Not sure why I decided to put it in my bag but thank God for that. It rained for two consecutive days sia. If the umbrella isn't your thing, maybe you should get a stylish raincoat.

5) Extra SGD

You should never be too comfortable with the amount of foreign currency you bring, unless you’ve been visiting the country for years and know the cost of everything. We underestimated our spending power and we almost ran out of Korean Won on the eve of our return. Luckily, we brought along some SGDs with us as emergency fund. Heng ah, no need to beg for food in the streets. Haha… By the way, the exchange rate in Korea is better than SG. ;)

So there you have it – the five items to bring for your next trip. Can't wait for our next trip together. Woot!

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