My wife and I have been married for nearly 3 years now. We shelved the plan to have a baby as we want to have quiet time with each other and we want to travel to South Korea first, which was initially planned to be in this September. Unfortunately, the long-awaited trip did not work out as planned because of MERS.

I still recall that about a year or two ago, the question was when we should have a baby. But now, it has changed. We had a discussion yesterday and I realised that the question is now whether we need to have a baby. There’s no conclusion to this yet because both of us are still uncertain of the answer.

We actually thought of the pros and cons of having a child. Not surprisingly, there were more cons than pros. We have so much freedom now. We can travel around as and when we want to, we can sleep in during the weekends; we can spend our salary on things that we want and etc. To sum it up, we only need to think about our parents and ourselves.

It is not that I haven’t thought about the pros for e.g. (1) when we grow old and become needy, we would at least have someone to attend to our needs and help us. (2) We have someone to carry on our family name. (3) We have someone to take care of our funeral. Morbid but true.

These, to me, are valid points. But are not strong enough reasons for us to consider having a child.

The reason for writing this post is to ask for opinions from parents of our generation. I hope that you guys can share some insights with us. Feel free to comment.

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