I owned a Nokia Lumia 930. It is unarguably one of the best Windows phones in the market. I bought this phone after I went through tons of reviews online.

If you ask me what was my biggest regret in 2014, I would say it was this phone. So here are four reasons why:

1. Lack of app support

I was very short-sighted when I decided to purchase the phone. I told myself that even though it has limited applications, most of the popular applications I use are available on Windows Store. So it wouldn't hurt. It does. 

Although the applications are there, the functions are not as extensive as those on Android or iOS. Take Instagram for example. It is still in beta mode for the longest time. It does not have video function yet. It is not that I cannot live without that function, but let's be reasonable. As a user, you'll definitely feel like the unwanted child.

2. Lack of off-the-shelf accessories

Flagship phones normally have their accessories available almost everywhere even before the phones hit the shelves. But when it comes to the Lumia series, you have to look for Nokia authorised resellers. And many a times, these accessories can be quite expensive.

One example is the screen protector and cover. An authentic Nokia Lumia's cover and screen protector can easily cost you SGD40. Although I managed to get a cover at SGD10, it was only possible because I sought high and low for it. By the way, it has only one design - Black.

As for the other brands, they have countless designs for you to choose from. Think about it.

3. Bulky 

The phone is bulky. Technology seems to be improving every day for all the phone companies except for Nokia and Microsoft. It seems like they are too focused on the software, which ain't really that great as well, and they decided to ignore the hardware. It is disappointing that Microsoft is not working hard on this. 

The Lumia is like a metal plate that soldiers use for protection against bullets during war. But instead of strapping it on your body it is often in your pants, protecting your thigh.

4. Windows OS

Windows OS is unique as compared to Android and iOS. I wanted something different last year and I thought I would enjoy being different. But it has been nothing but depressing. I read about how Microsoft is planning to provide developers a platform to easily convert applications from Android or iOS to Windows. But it is taking too long to come to fruition. 

I do not know how are they are going to do that, but I believe the implementation will be buggy and hackers are all ready to hit them hard.

The overall feel of the OS eventually comes down to whether you love it or you hate it. I loved it when I first had it. But now I hate it. The lack of upgrades and changes to the OS is making it lag far behind everyone else. Especially when every player in the market, like both Apple and Google, have taken considerable steps to improve user experience. 

You may be aware that Windows 10 is coming soon. Yay! But I am still sceptical about the post-implementation of the software. I've come to understand Windows since a long time back. In my opinion, they have a bad post-implementation support. So don't get too excited. You may not be getting the support you hope for if things were to get buggy.

Conclusion: This phone is for avid Nokia or Windows fan. If you are looking to try Windows, only try it when the developers say, "Windows is a good platform and we are getting ahead of Android and iOS." I doubt this would ever happen so the bottom line is, you'll regret getting a Lumia.

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