A while back, we received an email from Bicycles.sg offering us their custom-made sports watch for free in exchange for a review.

We were surprised, as we know we're no top bloggers or anything. 

I was sceptical at first, so I took a look at their website and was quite impressed.

They look legit.

Their website looks really clean, simple and professional. 

And as you can guess from their website's address, they sell bicycles online. 

I am no expert in bicycles, or how the industry is like locally. But since their default and only payment method is cash-on-delivery, in my opinion, there's no way this is a scam.

So, we decided to accept the product sponsorship offer.

Furthermore, we're only doing a review on their watch, which I think we're as qualified to do so, just as any other person who wears a watch. :P

[Disclaimer: The product was mailed to us for free in exchange for a review. We're not paid to write this review.]

We replied to their email and received a reply a few days later asking for our mailing address. And after a few days, they informed us that they have mailed the watch to us.

[Our first sponsored product. Edited out my name and the address.]
Just like what's stated in their email and on their website, the watch came in a gift box:

[Not sure what "LZX-W" stands for, but that's the "brand name" stated on the watch too.]

[I applied filter to this picture so the colour of the watch is not really accurately shown. The watch, in real-life, is extremely white. Just like the pictures shown on their website.]

The watch is priced at S$14 on their website. And based on their pictures, they have mainly two colours: black and white. The white one appears to have either a blue or white face. 

After removing the watch and its cushion from the box, I saw this extra pack of battery and a tool, which I assume is to be used when changing the battery. Though it looks curiously like what we'll use to dig our ears. Lol. :P

The watch's strap is extremely soft and smooth to touch. I thought it'll be very stiff and inflexible, but nope. It's very flexible and very soft... kinda like silicon? 

[Since the face is removable, I guess you can always get both the black and white watches in white and blue faces respectively, and exchange the faces whenever you want to.]

[Twisted it just to show how flexible and soft it is.]

The holes of the strap have this little flaps that cover up the holes when they are "not in use". Not sure for what purpose, but I've never seen anything like that before. 

I tried wearing the watch to know how it feels.

The face is a little big for my wrist, but it doesn't look bad at all. The biggest watch I own is a G-Shock, and this is slightly bigger. But the watch is not really heavy despite the size. 

[Please ignore my veiny hand.]

Because of the huge face of the watch, although it is analog, it's not difficult to read the time. Some analog watches can be so small, you have to take a few seconds just to read the time.

This? No such problem.

I think our mothers can also read the time easily. :P

The strap feels really smooth, so it's comfortable to wear.

I wash my hands a lot during the day, and I don't ever remove my watch before washing. So usually, my usual watches' straps would trap a lot of water. I have to use paper towels to dab and press hard at the straps to get rid of the water, and fling my arm hard to remove the rest of it that is trapped further in. 

For this strap, it doesn't trap that much water. So I really like that aspect.

I think since it doesn't trap water as much, when we wear it for exercise, it shouldn't trap so much of our perspiration too? I haven't had a chance to wear it during exercise, because I have been feeling unwell.

One thing I hate most about wearing my G-Shock during running is how much perspiration gets trapped between the strap and my skin. And how after a while, it gets really uncomfortable because of the added friction between the strap and my skin due to the trapped perspiration. 

I think if you don't need functions on your watch to take note of timing, heart-rate or etc. during your exercise, and you use your smartphone (or those wristband trackers like Jawbone) for those functions instead. And you just need a watch to see the time during your exercise, why not consider a basic analog watch with a smooth, soft and comfortable strap?

You can visit their website...

Or contact their customer support at admin@bicycles.sg for more information. :)

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