Wow, it's been a while since I last posted anything here. Mainly because life's been hectic due to it being the holiday season and all. :P

During this short hiatus, we got new stuff for our home (microwave and airfryer)! I want to write about them actually, but this post is not about those things.

This post will be about those annoying-like-hell mould. Those black/green icky stuff that grow and spread like nobody's business.

And... also partly about the mould mites which come along with it.

[The black spots are mould mites... I edited the picture to make the mites and mould more obvious...]

The realisation

I first discovered the mould and mites problem in our common bathroom. They were on the partition that covers the pipes. I felt frustrated when I first saw it. Because I absolutely hate hate hate mould, mites and stuff like that.

Small insects that grow at extremely fast rate and in large numbers freak me out. Mould and dust make me feel icky and I know they are bad for our health so I dislike the fact that it's in my home. The fact that I ever watched a documentary about how someone's lungs got infected with fungi makes me feel worse. Yucks.

I didn't know what to do, and I felt ashamed. Ashamed because I felt I didn't do a good job at maintaining my home. I think the rainy weather contributed to the mould problem, among a few other factors (of our own doing). It's been raining non-stop for about a month since the start of December? So I guess there is a lot of moisture in the air.

Anyway, we kept forgetting about the problem and had to do other things in our home, like washing the toilets, mopping the floor, etc. The problem was left unattended to for a while. Until a few days ago, I was at home during the day because my workplace was closed till 5th January (today!). So with the good daylight and time on my hands, I was looking around, checking stuff when I saw that our third room (the one nearest to living room and directly opposite that problematic toilet) had also gotten the mould and mites problem as well.

They covered almost half of the ceiling in the room. My heart sank.

[The ceiling in the third room. Photo edited to make the moulds slightly more obvious. At first the mould only covered half of the ceiling, by the day we bought the mould remover, it had already spread through the entire ceiling.]

Thank God nothing got on the walls.

I went to check all ceilings room to room. The origin of the problem, the toilet, by then had the entire ceiling affected as well (forgot to take picture), and the mould on the partition turned even blacker and covered more area. The second room had spots here and there too. The corridor outside the rooms, had most parts of the ceiling affected as well. Kitchen and living room were fine. Our bedroom and toilet escaped unscathed too... I was so relieved.

We knew then, we had to get the problem solved before it gets even worse. We searched for solutions online and found out there are actually mould remover sprays sold in the market to get rid of moulds, which will then get rid of the mites too. So we went shopping.

The "weapon" of choice

Went to Home-Fix at Compasspoint. Saw a few types/brands of mould remover and mould blocker.

Finally decided to get Mold Armor's. We also got disposable latex gloves to protect our hands.

We were both sceptical of the description on the mould remover's bottle, "No scrubbing is required. Wait 5 to 10 minutes for stains to disappear...". We thought it's not possible lar, so easy meh?

The Battle

We tried it out in the toilet first, since it was in the worst condition. And it's also easier to clean up if the bleach solution drips or gets sprayed onto other surfaces. Sprayed the mould remover onto the affected areas liberally/generously. Saw the patches of black mould disappear right before our eyes! It's not an exaggeration. Seriously. The mould disappeared almost immediately. I don't know if we're suaku, but we were really impressed by the results.

The partition and ceiling in the toilet were as good as new. We didn't even have to wipe any mould off, except to wipe off the excess, dripping, solution. We waited for them to dry and then we sprayed the blocker to prevent the mould from coming back. Felt really accomplished and super glad that it's gonna be easy to get rid of the problem for the rest of our home.

Except that we have to get plastic mats or something to cover our furniture and floors before we can spray the ceilings in our rooms. The solution is a type of bleach, so I doubt it should be in contact with our laminate floorings in the rooms. So we rested for the day.

The next day, we sprayed the corridor and mopped the floor to get rid of the bleach solution. Had to mop multiple times to get rid of that strange texture on the surface of the floor. Had to also use a wet cloth to wipe off the solution that dripped onto the walls and doors before they discolour them. Strangely, the mites didn't die when the solution got onto them though. So the hubby had to squash them with a cloth. And then we rested before we went out to get the plastic coverings...

While sitting on the sofa and resting in the living room, I looked up...

To my annoyance, I saw the mould and mites on the ceiling. I could see them because of the good amount of daylight streaming into our home as it had finally stopped raining. The problem had spread to the living room. Sigh. Kitchen, service yard and our bedroom were still spared from it. Thank God for that.

We went to NTUC to get disposable plastic table cloths ($1 each, size of about 1.7m by 1.7m). Also, a few more bottles of the mould remover from Home-Fix.

Came home, and battled against the mould and mites till night time.

Laid the disposable table cloths on our bedroom floors and furniture, and sprayed the ceiling. For some parts of the ceilings in the rooms, the hubby used a cloth soaked with the mould remover solution and wiped the mould off instead of spraying because we got too tired of moving the table cloths around. We also started wiping because when we were spraying, the walls of a room with slightly darker walls got discoloured very quickly by the excess solution that dripped down the ceiling. Didn't want to discolour the walls any further.

For the living room, as the mould only grew on certain spots along the edges of the ceiling, we wiped instead. Spraying was out of the question with so many furniture and electronic items.

By the time we were done, we were both so freaking tired. But extremely glad.

From now on, we will take note of the ceiling and whenever there is any mould spotted, we'll get rid of it immediately instead of procrastinating. This is one important lesson learnt from this incident... Never, ever procrastinate when it comes to stuff like that. Spores don't wait.

Things to note

When using the mould remover and mould blocker, we actually wore masks and gloves. After all, they are extremely acidic solutions, which would really hurt our skin or respiratory system if we kept touching/inhaling them.  

We also kept the rooms well-ventilated as the smell was really strong and should be toxic too. 

We are unsure if the solution will eventually make the paint peel as the label did state that it's for use before painting. We can only wait and see. If the paint does peel, we have no choice but to repaint the ceilings then. Hopefully the spare paint from our renovation will be sufficient.

One more thing, when we sprayed the mould remover in the toilet, the floors became really slippery. Had to wash it off with water. So please be careful if you ever use this product in your bathroom.

I think after removing the mould, it's also important to keep the home well-ventilated and air the rooms whenever we can to prevent excess moisture from getting trapped in our home again. 

We hope this post can and will help anyone with annoying mould problem in your home too, since it might be a common issue due to the high humidity in Singapore.

If there's any further development in the future, we will update you guys again! :) 

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Blogger Madeline shared on 21 Mar 2018, 09:13:00  

Happen to chance upon this blog, can i ask did the mould cleaner affected your paint?

Blogger Madeline shared on 21 Mar 2018, 09:13:00  

Happen to chance upon this blog, can i ask did the mould cleaner affected your paint?

Anonymous Anonymous shared on 22 Apr 2018, 00:56:00  

Hello, id like to know if the mould and bugs were gone for good and if the paint had any bad effects eventually? Thanks!

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