I have avoided writing such strong personal opinion in this blog since we started on it. Except on this post, Missing the point.

But this is way too long to be posted on Facebook and I just cannot brush it off.

I disagree with the rant in the video above, because some parts of it are based on certain unreasonable assumptions and based on a lack of self-discipline, with a 怨天尤人 attitude.
  • Daily transportation $6-$7? I seriously don't think so. Unless you keep going out everyday after work.
  • And if you have no money, still die die must drink Starbucks? Dumb self-pwn move just to be in the "in" crowd. Doesn't have priorities right.
  • The type of girlfriend he is describing sounds like a materialistic girl who is not mature enough to plan for the future with you. If you two see a future together, you'll plan for it and if you two are not earning a lot, you make "sacrifices" for it - by not eating at expensive places, by not watching movies so often, by not getting branded goods as they are not necessities, and by not going on expensive holidays before your goal is met. After all he said the youngsters are not seeking 生活品質,but to 維持起碼的生活?
  • Mister Ko and I didn't earn much for a long time after we started working. Especially for me, because I worked in the early childhood industry for years (no regrets though). Our combined take-home income is just comfortable enough for us now. But back in those days we planned, we saved and we had a common goal.
  • Wedding photoshoot and etc? Savings we started on since we decided when we would want to get married. Dinner cost? We borrowed from his parents and gave them back the ang bao money collected.
  • Buying HDB? We didn't use much cash at all. Except the $10 to apply for it. And a few hundreds for the extra 5 years insurance. The rest? C.P.effing.F. And government grant.
  • Renovation and the rest to make the home livable? 30K. All from our savings for over 2+ years. No holidays, no materialistic unnecessary spendings. A common goal and understanding not to eat out too often and not to splurge on things we don't need.
Did/do we earn a lot? No. We S.A.V.E.

Do we give our parents money every month? Yes. Almost 30-40% of our take-home pay.

Do we also have insurance savings/investment plans for the future? Yes.

Did/do we occasionally get things that we want? Yes. Through our own monthly extra savings.

Are we in debt for credit cards? No, except we're still paying the installment for our air-con.

My mother taught me this since young -- If you don't have the means to get something that you want (want, not need). Save for it. Set aside some money for a period of time. And then get it with your savings. Children in the past learnt a lot about delayed gratification. It helps a lot as an adult right now when we're free to do so many things with certain consequences. It helps to stop us from spending "future money" to buy stuff right away, but instead take time to save or wait for the prices to drop.

People nowadays think that if they are unable to get whatever they want whenever they want, because it's expensive and they are not earning enough, means that it's the society's or the government's fault. Actually, since a long time ago, before our standard of living went up... it's already like that for the middle and low income people.

There will always be things we want but cannot afford. There's always a bell curve - there'll always be the low, middle and high income people in every society.

Why is our satisfaction and quality of life measured against whether we can afford whatever we want in the first place (not talking about basic food and needs)?

If someone does something despicable just to earn money fast and without hard work and effort, society didn't make him that way. Greed, laziness and a lack of moral values made him that way. If society makes people turn despicable for money, then all the poor people in the world would have already became terrible people. But they are not.

People turn bad because their hearts and minds are not in the right places. They are not strong enough to fight temptations and pity themselves a little too much. They make up excuses and blame everyone and everything else for their own failure and bad behaviour.

Maybe they have/had external influences like bad friends or bad upbringing.

But those are not excuses to justify anything bad they choose to do.

People make up the society. If a society is bad, it's the people who made it bad.

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