It all started just as we were preparing to move into our home.

My lips would get extremely dry at certain spots. Like super duper dry and flaky.

I brushed it off as lack of proper hydration as we were often at our new home fixing things up through the day and night, without drinking enough water.

However, it did not get any better after we moved in.

I usually drink a lot of water at home and even at work. So it wasn't really due to me not drinking enough water.

Then I thought perhaps it's the air-con, which is now closer to us than how it was like back in his room before. But then, the thing is, I always apply lip balm before I sleep. It has been a habit of mine for a long time as I have very dry lips.

I do change lip balms as I finish them. I don't really have any favourite must-have lip balm throughout my lipbalm-applying days.

So the lip balm I was using during that period of time when the dryness started was Kiehl's.

It did help keep my lips moist and protected through the night. But every morning, after I brushed my teeth, while I am applying my make-up, my lips will start to dry up and get flaky again.

The condition of my lips got worse. The dryness and flakiness were not just at certain parts of the lips anymore. It was all around the perimeter of my upper and lower lips.

Besides the extreme dryness, it was really itchy as well. So itchy I often had to use my teeth to bite my lips to ease the itch. Which I guess, made it worse. Because our saliva dries up our lips.

Then I started to notice that the itchiness and dryness often came after I ate certain oily food or food that has sauce on them? And when my lips were dry and itchy, certain food/sauce on the food would cause the skin on my lips to hurt like crazy when I ate them. Some parts would also get reddish and sensitive to touch.

So this condition occurred on and off. Sometimes my lips would be fine for a few days, then something would trigger it and it would start to get itchy and flaky again.

The picture below shows the dryness that occurred one night after I showered. It was so flaky, when I was talking to the hubby, I saw some flakes fell off and floated to the floor. It was gross.

[Image source: Our own]

I bought a new lip balm from a new Korean skincare store to try. But it didn't help.

Then, allergy came to mind. I thought maybe it's due to me being allergic to something that I ate or drank. But I haven't been eating anything new. The food I have been eating, were things I have eaten before.

So I was on the verge of going to the doctor's already. I actually did not see a doctor for the few months when it got bad to worse, because it seems like such a waste of money to see a doctor for such a small issue. So yea. But the pain and itchiness were getting worse, so I was telling the hubby, it was perhaps time for me to get some medication for it. Whatever it was and whatever caused it, it was time to stop it.

Before I could set aside time to see a doctor, I got a new lip balm to try one last time. I was actually just browsing through the mini shampoos and moisturisers at 7-Eleven (Tanjong Pagar MRT), when I saw this pile of Vaseline lip balms selling at about $3.50 or so?

Then I remembered I used to read a lot of reviews online, and many people usually had good things to say about Vaseline. Even my mother used to tell me about it.

So I thought, why not give it a try. It's only about $3 or so. The lip balms nowadays are selling at at least $6 to $15. This is so cheap in comparison!

So I bought it. It's the Vaseline Lip Therapy:

[Image source: Our own]

The texture of the product looks and feels thick and gooey at first. But it's really easy to apply and to spread it evenly on your lips. I don't really like the round "head" of the tube, but it's a small issue. Once evenly spread, you don't really feel like there's a thick layer of goo on your lips? It feels rather natural and it's totally not sticky at all. Over time, it does feel like it gets absorbed into your skin and leaves a thin layer to continue protecting and keeping the moisture in.

In the past, the lip balms I used to apply before I sleep, would still have a thick layer after I wake up in the morning. I did not really like that as I will have to wipe it off before I brush my teeth. But for this Vaseline lip balm, there's just a really thin layer left in the morning that does not need to be wiped off.

It's also a really good base to use before you apply other lip products like lip stains or tints. In the past, the thick gooey lip balms I used often caused the lip products I apply after that to run (like out of the lips). I don't have such problem with Vaseline's.

Usually every morning, I would apply a layer of Vaseline before I apply Etude House's Kissful Tint Choux. It can last for hours, until I have to eat my brunch. And I don't really have to reapply it, to keep my lips ok, until evening time. Unless I am too busy to drink enough water, my lips won't really get too dry.

[Image source: Our own]

Anyway, after I started using the Vaseline Lip Therapy, my lips' condition has gotten so much better.

I haven't had any episode of the itchiness, extreme dryness, redness, or flakiness.

My lips do still get dry at times, but that's just my lips and how it used to be like.

So I really wanted to recommend it to everyone! The more people buy it, the more it won't ever stop production. I hate how products nowadays only last a while, and then production for them will just suddenly stop when the companies come up with newer products. :(

The newer products may not even be as good as the ones that are gone.

I do have to say that everyone's skin condition differs due to many different reasons. So it may have worked really well on me, but may not work well for everyone. I do hope it works for most people though. ;)

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