Tested this new typewriter app by Tom Hanks. Quite interesting and fun. The last time I used one was during my secondary school days. 

The feeling of writing stuff on a typewriter is sure to make one feels like an author on a mission to complete the next Harry Potter book. Yeah... I am aware this is not a real typewriter but this is close enough.

It is simple to use. Just open the app and start typing away!

This is so gonna be fun! Maybe one day, I'll be able to complete a book using this app? Tom Hanks would be darn proud of me lar. Oops... I mean proud of the app. Hahaha...

It is currently free unless you wish to purchase other types of typewriters within this app.

Oh yes, currently, you are not able to save it as an image to post on Facebook or other social media. This is a boo! However, you can send your transcript out via email, open it up with Adobe Reader, Evernote, Google Chrome or Dropbox. The format is in PDF though.

So hopefully, in the near future, it will allow you to post it onto your social media as an image and showcase your writing talent to the world.

Hanx Writer is currently available on Apple Store. I highly recommend it to everyone. Try it and tell us how you feel about it. 


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