If you know me, you'll know that I enjoy watching all kinds of gory/horror/thriller films.

In recent years, I have come to like a certain type of gory/horror/thriller film -- the revenge kind.

This is a list of my current top 5 favourite "revenge" films for those who also like this type of genre. ;)

I think I'll add on more next time because I know of a few other good ones (as per reviews I've read online) that I haven't watched.

In no particular order...

1. I Spit on Your Grave (2010)

It's a remake of an old film. Basically, a girl got brutally assaulted by some a**holes, and she survived and came back for revenge (I'm trying not to write too much spoilers here, so forgive me if I am being too ambiguous with my descriptions). What makes me like this show so much is how she got back at them. To me, sexual offenders are the lowest form of creatures. What they do to their victims is irreversible and extremely damaging. It takes a person's life away, though not literally, but it really does take that person's whole life away. The life she could have had, without the scars, pain and bad memories. In this film, the victim is very detailed in the punishments she metes out to the men who attacked her. The kind of pain she inflicts onto them, kinda makes the viewers feel a sense of, "Yes! They got what they deserved, a**holes!".

2. I Saw The Devil (2010, Korean)

This is a film on another level. A higher level. The acting, the story, everything is excellent!

While watching this film, you'll feel a wide range of emotions -- fear, helplessness, sympathy, pain, terror, frustration, anger, disgust and a certain satisfaction when you see the bad guy suffer.

From the start to the end, it's never a dull moment. You'll be on the edge of your seat.

You'll root for the good guy to do what he is doing to the bad guy. And you'll enjoy watching it.

Gotta say I am not 100% satisfied with the ending, but it's still one of the best shows I've watched.

I really don't want to spoil anything for anyone who hasn't watched this film, so I find it extremely hard to describe any further or better.

You'll not regret watching this show, if you enjoy this type of genre. It'll easily be one of your favourite movies, like how it became mine.


3. Law Abiding Citizen (2009)

Similar to I Saw The Devil in the sense that the good guy lost his whole world overnight due to some sick b*stards.

I really enjoyed how he meted out his punishments for them since some of them escaped the law in a way. He planned his revenge really well, and took his time. It's like the Chinese saying, "君子报仇 十年不晚" (proverb meaning, "One should bide one's time and wait for the right opportunity to seek vengeance" - Wiktionary).

He made sure they suffered as much as they should have for the things they had done.

Hated the ending though, hate it enough to not really like this film as much as I could have.

4. Don't Cry Mommy (2012, Korean)

Not so much about the way revenge is sought in this film that makes me like it. It's not as detailed and intense in the way the perpetrators are punished for their cruel act like all the shows above. But you'd feel so much for the victim and her mother during the down time when they were in so much pain. I remember crying while watching it. It was really emotional. Very good acting by the actresses.

5. Bedevilled a.k.a. 金福南杀人事件始末 (2010, Korean)

Story about how a woman can tolerate anything and everything... but there's always a limit to it. No matter how uneducated or how backwards her thinking can be, due to the environment she grew up in, she knows what she has to do as a mother. When the reason for her to stay sane and to fight on is gone, there is no reason for her to hold back her anger and frustration anymore.

I think the trailers show too much, so I decided not to put one.

I highly recommend everyone to check them out. :)

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