We came home the other day to this advertisement hanging on our door.

[For illustration purposes, I hung it on our door and took this picture]

Besides being annoyed by it, we took it off and went in without thinking much of it.

Until yesterday, when I was taking the trash out to the rubbish chute, and was walking past my neighbours' homes.

One of them still have this advertisement hanging on their door.

Then it occured to me that this is actually a danger to our homes.

It's equivalent to having a stack of uncollected newspapers outside our door while we're away on holiday. It's basically screaming, "HEY NO ONE'S HOME!", to the potential criminals (burglars).

I got pissed off thinking about it.

What the hell is Singtel's marketing people thinking about? Don't they live in HDB flats?

When they thought they were being such smartasses with this supposedly "creative" advertisement, did they not for one second think about what it actually entails for people who are actually away on holiday?

I want to highlight this issue to the relevant authorities, but I am rather stumped by which one I should approach. 

Are there regulations with regards to flyers/advertisements left on our front doors?

Even if there are no regulations, advertisers ought to be more careful about the way they circulate the advertisements to the consumers, no?

Don't market your products or services at the expense of our safety and security.

Update (17 Sep)
I wrote a feedback on Singtel's Facebook page to ask them to stop hanging the ads on people's front doors. 

Update (5 Oct):
My feedback on Facebook wasn't properly attended to, most probably due to all the overwhelmingly non-stop whiny complaints because of the iPhone pre-ordering hooha. I emailed them after a while. Got a reply while we were in Taiwan. They apologised and said that they will pass the feedback to the relevant department. Well, I am thankful the customer service personnel took time and attended to my feedback. I hope whoever he passed the feedback to, will understand my concerns and act on it. 

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