After the recent announcement of the revised IPPT stations, there were a lot of cheers and jeers. In my opinion, whatever it is, revising the test stations should not affect how we keep our bodies fit.

We all have the choice to continue training for the different muscle groups. So yeah... This is what I think.

Ever since the change, friends have been sharing the score tables around. Oh man... It looks so complicated. So many figures. I think many of you would feel the same too. If you are still feeling lazy (like me) and it is like a chore just to screen through the tables to find out the scores for each station that you must attain in order to get the incentives, TODAYOnline has this simple calculator that can help you find out just that with five simple questions:

1) Your age:
2) Your NS status:

3) Your estimated 2.4 timing:

4) No. of push-ups you can do in a minute:

5) No. of Sit-ups you can do in a minute:

6) Your result:

Have fun!


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