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So many smokers have said this to me, when I mentioned the possibility of getting cancer thru' that unhealthy habit during casual conversations, "Everyone dies eventually."

Someone even said to me once, at the age of 17 or 18, "Life is short, why not live life to the fullest and just do what you want?", as his supposedly reasonable reason for smoking. Precisely, life is short. Why make it even shorter?

Anyway, I think they have failed to understand the complications and severity of what it entails when you have cancer. 

It's not about life's natural progression and that everyone dies one day. It's about dying younger and not having had enough time to fulfill your dreams or finish your bucket list.    

It's about suddenly losing choices in life. Having no say in what you want to do and no control over how your body deteriorates.   
It's about if you get cancer you don't die immediately and peacefully if the doctors or current medicines and treatments can't save you. You will suffer (physically and perhaps mentally) some time before you finally get the relief you want (people don't seem to know or understand the discomfort, or rather the terrible ordeal, the cancer patients have to go through during chemotherapy or other kinds of therapy, because nobody sees what goes behind the scene).

It's about having to be confined to bed, relying on morphine or other pain relievers to alleviate the pain, during the last days of your life, when the cancer has spread to various organs and parts of your body.

It's about breaking your loved ones' hearts every time they look at your ailing body and at half the person you used to be.                 
It's about regrets, suffering, and a huge financial burden at the prime time of your life whether it's your twenties, thirties, forties or fifties, or maybe even your sixties. Depending on how you define prime time. Plus cancer doesn't discriminate against age or gender or etc. Nobody can predict who will get it and when someone will get it.

And it's also about your loved ones facing financial difficulties throughout your treatments (it is extremely expensive to receive cancer treatments even after subsidies), your last days and even after you're gone. On top of having to suffer the loss of their loved one -- you.

It will not and is not and will never be as straightforward as "everyone dies eventually".

Don't be selfish and so self-centred, especially if you have a family. It's not gonna be so easy when you have cancer. It is also gonna kill you if your loved ones get it because they have been second-hand smokers due to your selfishness.

I've seen, heard, read about how difficult it is, and have had people around me who have suffered from it, and some had passed away because of it. Take this as a reminder to reconsider your choices in life while you are still able to choose.


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