My dearest MacBook is on the death bed. His ass (battery) has bulged and gives off a very bad stench much like an elderly with bowel problem. So I bo bian (no choice) need to buy a replacement before it explodes. 

Decision-making is an arduous thing to do. The specifications and all gave me big headaches for the last two weeks. Let's face it, I'm not a techy person. I may be savvy with social media, but normal human beings do not discuss the codes that power Facebook or Twitter. So my solution? A checklist to determine the machine we want. Here is mine to help my fellow non-techies out:


Duh, right? No money, no talk. But you need to cap yourself. For example, I wanted to buy a MacBook Pro initially because I love the aesthetic feel of the machine. But it will cost me a stunning $2,788. But my budget was $1,600. So how? Once you capped your budget, stick to it or refer to #2.

If you really wish to buy a MacBook Pro like the example given above, then you ought to think of how you wanna pay for it. If you have a stable job and that you do not mind paying 0% interest installment for the next 6 - 24 months, I would suggest you do it. Imagine this, a hole in your bank or paying it out of your monthly salaries which you probably gonna spend anyway. Let me do a simple calculation for you.

MacBook Pro: $2,788
Budget: $1,600
Balance: $1,188 after deducting budget
12-month monthly instalment: $99 per month.

See, doesn't this make you feel better than forking an additional $1,188 out of your bank account? ;)

If you are a non-techy like me, knowing why you need the computer is vital to keeping it within your budget. 

For me, I need it for my office work, surfing, music and movies. I also need a screen of 15 inches as I do graphic designs and video-editing at times. Defining the purpose will definitely help you to determine #4.

I'm not good with specifications. In fact, the salespersons I met had quite a hard time communicating with me. Humans like me only ask the following questions:

1. Is it the latest model with the latest processor?
2. Will it spoil easily?
3. Is the speed fast?
4. Can it tahan (handle) my adobe softwares?
5. How long is the warranty?

Yes. These were the questions I asked the salespersons whose mouths were spilling rainbow when they started to talk about the specifications with me.

From what I gather, the best processor is i7. But i5 is good enough to do the trick with at least a 1.6GHz. Some processors come with Turbo Boost. This I was told that if your computer has hit the maximum speed of the computer, the Turbo Boost will increase it automatically to a higher speed to accommodate whatever you are doing. 4GB of ram is sufficient to do the things I want to do and a little gaming (this is what the salesperson told me)

These are actually the specifications I decided on. I'm easily-contented.

If you are not as brand-conscious, then you can probably you skip this part. But if you are, I'm pleased to inform you that I've concluded that Lenovo and ASUS are the top two brands that our locals fancy. The main reason is that both are pretty durable from past experiences and the aesthetics are appealing. HP does have their fair share of support but their designs are just... disappointing. Not to mention, their logo is ugly and they are the sponsor for underachieving Tottenham Hotspurs. Hahaha... I shall not digress further. 

So for those of you who know nuts about specifications of computers, I hope this post gives you at least some clues as to what you should take note. :)


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