On Friday night, we had dinner at Saigon Lotus at Marina Square. It felt like we were in Vietnam or in an authentic Vietnamese restaurant because of the decor, and that most of the servers are actually Vietnamese. So now that the ambience is set, how are the other stuff?

We flipped open the menu and God, the names and images of the food were very unappetising. The pictures were not professionally or even respectfully taken. I hate low resolution images and using them for food? Oh my God.

Keeping my calm, I directed my attention to the list of items. The names given were so plain that I didn't know what I should order. Seriously? Special chicken rice was on the menu. Why not yummy or delicious chicken rice? Better?

Anyway, we proceeded to order a braised beef rice and beef cube rice. Yes, we stayed on because we were too tired and hungry. Not long after, our dinner came. I looked at my wife and said, "Hey, these look promising."

Rice Braised Beef

 Beef Cube Rice

Don't they look good? And so we dug in. Wow... The sauces tasted not too bad, quite fragrant. But... sadly, the beef slices were like rubber. Not chewy, but rubbery. You just can't tear them apart no matter how hard you chewed. I tried one of the beef cubes in my wife's dish, and her was worse. 

She had to swallow all the cubes as a whole because she couldn't chew them into smaller pieces. That nearly caused her to vomit. Did I also mention that her rice looked nothing like the picture shown in the menu?

It felt like physical training for our teeth. Unbelievable. What made our experience worse? The amount of oil poured into cooking these dishes. 

I shall not describe further. These dishes gave us indigestion after that. We were also really thirsty after a while, so maybe there was quite a bit of MSG in the food? 

I think the boss should concentrate on making the restaurant better, rather than sitting there laughing loudly with an ang moh friend, while drinking and chatting away.

We have had better Vietnamese food.

I would give them a 2 out of 5 points. One point is for good ambience and another for the smell of the food. Never going back.

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