Appliances! The expensive part of getting a new home.

When we started shopping for them, we went to Gain City first, because they are kinda known to be the cheapest one around if you're looking at big stores like Harvey Norman, Courts, Best Denki, etc.

Got a quote from a salesperson, and we thought that quote was a really good one -- a LG washing machine, LG dryer and a LG fridge for about S$3K+.

(We looked around for LG or Samsung for fridge and washing machine, because based on our research on the forums, these Korean brands seem to be more popular and reliable in terms of quality of products.)

Then, we got to know about shops like Goh Ah Bee and Lion City Company.

These two companies have very small shop spaces at Kovan and Geylang respectively.

I guess that is part of the reason why they can actually offer even cheaper quotations/deals as compared to the big stores that are situated in shopping malls, which have much higher overheads and run lots of advertisements. Those kinda expenditures will definitely get transferred to the consumers one way or another.

Anyway, we found out about Goh Ah Bee from forums (most probably renotalk). And then Lion City Company from the hubby's friend, although it is also often mentioned in the forums as well.

Goh Ah Bee actually has a Facebook page and a number for you to Whatsapp them to ask for quotations.

Of course, I guess for these places, the more you buy, the better the deal they can offer to you? I mean, it also really depends on the products you are looking at. We cannot say they will definitely offer you a much cheaper price than everywhere else. Case by case lar.

For Lion City, they have a Facebook page and a website. You can also call in their office to ask for quotations.

If you want to see the actual products at these shops, forget about it. Their shops are small, so they don't carry many products in them. What you can do is, go look around at the big stores first. Take note of the models you want, then ask Goh Ah Bee or Lion City Co to give you quotes for those items.

Then you can make a comparison between the quotations from all the different places.

There will be items cheaper at one shop, and then other items are cheaper at the other. In the end, you need to decide if you want the hassle of ordering different items from different stores and risk having not that good of a deal in the end or you can pick the shop with the most number of cheapest quotations  (in terms of number of items) and just order from that shop.

We asked for quotations from both Goh Ah Bee and Lion City Co, and discovered that Lion City Co had more items that were cheaper than Goh. So instead of splitting our orders between the two shops, we just ordered everything from Lion City instead. Trust me, having to juggle different orders from many different companies is not an easy task. The coordination and having to keep track of the balances for each item will be quite confusing at times. We did that for our furniture, but that's another post for another day. :P

In the end, we ordered our washing machine cum dryer (LG), induction hob (Electrolux), hood (Electrolux), fridge (LG) and oven (Bosch) from Lion City Company. All of those cost us about S$4K+.

Oh yar, delivery is free. But we had to ask them to deliver the items separately due to the renovation process.

The hood, induction hob and oven had to be delivered first because the carpenter needed to install them into the kitchen cabinet. We didn't need our fridge and washing machine before our home is done and cleaned, so those were arranged to be delivered later. It was an additional charge of S$30 for the second delivery. They did however, give us a free gift though. :)

The delivery men were really nice and quick in the installation of the fridge and washing machine. They also tested it for us before they left.

Shirley from Lion City Co was really nice to us too. Sweet old lady who attended to us when we went down to the shop. The other admin staff in the shop are also really polite and nice people. Looks like a family business. The atmosphere there is calm and relaxed. You can go down and ask Shirley for quotations if you would prefer face-to-face contact instead of calling them. You need to be patient with her and let her do things at her own timing and style. Just relax and let her prepare the quotations for you. :)

Gotta say that throughout the whole home preparation process, the people we met along the way, have been really nice to us. Hopefully our recommendations will help new home owners who are reading our blog, increase your chances of having pleasant encounters with nice people during your home preparation process too.

I am not sure if I missed out any important detail in this blog post. Do leave a comment for us if you need any clarifications! :)

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Anonymous Anonymous shared on 4 Oct 2014, 00:28:00  

good to know for the next time i need to upgrade appliances...

Blogger Missus Ko shared on 4 Oct 2014, 15:55:00  

Great to know you found this helpful...! :D

Anonymous CCH shared on 1 Jan 2015, 19:07:00  

Thanks for posting this! I think it's really useful.

I was wondering if you had bought air-cons from them? The prices they quoted did not include the installation and I was thinking if their installers are reliable.

Thanks again!

Blogger Missus Ko shared on 4 Jan 2015, 00:44:00  


You're welcome! Glad that it's helpful to you. :)

For our aircon, we got it from Gain City because we heard they are one of the cheapest, and they have 0% installment option. We wanted to leave some cash in our savings, so installment was a good thing for us.

Gain City's price includes installation. But to have better copper pipes and insulation, you'll need to add on a bit more money.

For their installation, I read in forums that you can try requesting for experienced workers. My husband and I requested that and I think the workers who came were both quite experienced and very fast in their work.

So everything went well for us.

Hope this will help you too. :)

Anonymous Anonymous shared on 19 May 2015, 02:10:00  

Lucky for you you had a good experience. Unfortunately i had a terribly frustrating time communicating with Lion City Co and they eventually sent me the wrong product and now not answering calls. Congrats on your new home though :)

Blogger Missus Ko shared on 19 May 2015, 22:25:00  

Hi Anonymous,

We are sorry to hear about your bad encounter... hopefully you have managed to resolve the issue with them. Totally understand how frustrating it must be for you... :(

We hope you will only have nice encounters for the rest of your home preparation process. Fingers crossed! :) Jia you!

Anonymous Anonymous shared on 26 May 2015, 15:43:00  

Thank you and all the best to you too :)

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