Two weeks back when I was surfing Facebook, I chanced upon this advertisement by HIPVAN on a product called KEYSMART. I told my wife immediately that I had to get it because I am a dude.

You see, many guys like me love to be carefree when we are out. We love to arm ourselves with our gadgets and stuff but like some girls, we hate to carry our bags. We can't possibly pass it to our dates to hold it for us, right? So we resolved to only carrying a phone, ezlink card, a pack of tissue (LIKE REAL!), earbuds and KEYS!

And seriously, keys are a pain in the ass. They would either make an impression on your shorts and pants or it will make you feel uncomfortable while it caresses you when you walk or sit. Not sure if all guys feel the same way as I do but anyway, I fell in love with the idea of this keyholder, so I bought it. The delivery took about two weeks to ship since it's made in the US.

The original KEYSMART comes with just the product itself but because I have more than five keys, I opted in for an expansion set (on the left) that increases it up to 10 keys.

Setting up is easy. It takes a while to figure out but with the help of their assembly video, you can get it done perhaps within a minute.

Anyway, the product feels solid. It is light and the compact size allows me to slot it easily anywhere. Because the keys are put relatively tight together, they are not able to rub against each other, thus there isn't any "king and kiang." Also, I can imagine it not tangling up with my earbuds or anything when I put it in my bag. Thumbs up to that.

However, do be warned that not all keys can fit it. Before you make the purchase, please note the following:

"KeySmart will fit almost any flat key. The posts are 4mm in diameter.  We don't recommend putting large, plastic covered car keys inside the KeySmart because they do not glide easily.  These keys can be attached to the loop piece that comes with each KeySmart." - KEYSMART

One more issue with it is that it may not feel good to have it in your office pants. It may feel like a second dick. But anyway, I will try it out tomorrow. Haha...

Oh yes, the cost. It cost me S$25.00 for the KeySmart Extended Black + Expansion Pack (2-10 keys). The shipping cost is S$4.50 because I spent less than S$70. Fair enough. :)

Anyhow, it is a good buy and I can't wait to bring it around. Here's my set of keys:

If you are interested to get the prickly feeling out your pants, you can consider buying this from HIPVAN because they provided me with good service and replied their emails promptly. That's what online shoppers want, right?

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