I am no food critic. So do pardon my lack of descriptions for the delicious bibimbap my wife and I had.

We have had bibimbap from various places. They all tasted the same. However, Paik's Bibim is different. 

The layout of the restaurant looks very much like a fast-food outlet but smaller. It does not have many selections to choose from. So playing safe, we ordered the teriyaki chicken bibimbap. 

It cost about $7.90 for a set that comes with a bowl of soup and a side dish. The bibimbap looks very different from what we normally have. Initially we thought that the portion looked really small and we saw no sign of our teriyaki chicken. What we could see were the fried cornflakes-looking thingy, seaweed and lettuce.

Without expecting too much, I put in the kochujang sauce - the red spicy sauce - stirred it and took my first bite.

I looked at my wife almost immediately with disbelief and said that it tasted fantastic. It was nothing close to what we had. My wife was skeptical at first but not after she had her first bite. 

Oh... by the way, the teriyaki chicken was in there buried below in small cubes. Sounds like the potion of the chicken was quite measly, right? Not really. I assure you that every bite you take will have the chicken, albeit the appearance may not be so.

The lettuce and cornflakes were a great mix. They were crunchy and refreshing. Having it together with the rice (bap) and the chicken felt like these ingredients were playing Taiji in your mouth.

Oh yes. There are a few things you need to note before heading there. The food is good. But if you are looking for good customer service, it may be easier to tio TOTO. They weren't rude but you just do not feel welcomed. Their utensils were not very clean as well. So you must be prepared to bring your tissue to wipe it before tucking in.

All in all, I give this bibimbap 4/5. But for the customer service and the utensils' cleanliness, 1/5.

I strongly encourage those who haven't tried it to give it a go.

The outlet I patroned is located at #02-125, Vivocity, 1 Harbourfront Walk. They have another at Bedok Mall. So hopefully you will have better experience with the customer service and clean utensils there.

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