I was always amazed by friends who can hold their sneezes so well without making a loud boom like I do. In the past, I would be damn impressed but now, nope.

It is one of the dumbest things to do. I tried it before and I failed (thank God), but that's not the reason for it being dumb.

I was quite a health nerd and would always look forward to spend 6 bucks a month on Men's Health. This magazine is good because it gives you short research findings on health and stuff that allow you to digest quicker than a bite of McSpicy Burger. Okay. I'm bad with analogy but you know what I mean.

In one of the issues, I read about sneezing. It is said that the force of that wind travels at an average speed of 160km/h. I'm not shitting you. You can easily google it and you'll find that this could be true.

So can you imagine holding the wind back? I don't think it is the same as holding back your fart. I always imagined that a fart will come out from your mouth or ears or anywhere you have holes since you stopped it from coming out from your butt hole. But anyway, holding a 160km/h wind in your head could do hell lotsa damage. 

I read that it could cause vessels to burst or a stroke. So is this a smart thing to do? Nope. I do understand that you do not want to sneeze out loud and embarrass yourself in front of the commuters in the train or lifts or even at the walkways. But would you rather risk getting a stroke and be bedridden or tolerate that few seconds of unwanted looks from the people you do not know?

Think about it.


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