I was having a chat with my colleague on bodybuilding and I can't remember how we got to the topic of Botox a.k.a Botulinum Toxin, but I got to know that it helps people with cerebral palsy.

Just a little background on cerebral palsy - "Cerebral (brain) Palsy (lack of muscle control) is an inclusive term to describe a group of non-progressive disorders occuring in young children in which injury to the brain causes impairment of motor function. The degree of the disabilities range from extreme tightness or looseness of the body muscles, improper head, shoulder or hip control to speech   impairment. Cerebral Palsy is not curable. This can occour during pregnancy, at birth, or in the early years of the child due to illness or injury to the brain." - CPAS
One person who has it is our Para-equestrian Ms Laurentia Tan.

Apparently, Botox doesn't just help them by a little. Instead, it bestows them the ability to move their muscle, talk or even walk again.

No kidding man. As curious as ever, I went to google it and found many miracles that Botox has given many suffering from this condition. Although the effect cannot last as long, can you imagine how would the parents feel when their three-year-old son suffering from cerebral palsy starts to feel his legs and walk?

This is what happened to the then three-year-old Aiden Farrell. It was reported by New York Daily in 2013 that after young Farrell was given the Botox treatment, he was able to move his leg muscle as soon as he got home! I cried reading about it.

According to CerebralPalsy.Org, "Botox is injected into muscles to weaken or paralyze them by blocking the connection between nerves and muscles." But it was also noted that "medical professionals report that treating muscle spasms with botulinum toxin can require up to 100 times the amount needed for frown lines."

What this means is that the amount of Botox prescribed can have an adverse effect as well. As I research further, I found that there were also numerous bad press regarding this treatment. Till now, it seems like this treatment is still up in the air for debate.

I do not really know if ever we will be able to find a permanent cure for cerebral palsy but I think if I am a parent of a child with such condition, I wouldn't mind trying. But please consult professional advices and not go to some dark secluded places where a dubious plastic surgeon claims that he can help you.

Oh man... How I wish all difficult diseases in this world can be cured. And the doctors will all hate me. 


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