Taken at Tampines by Missus Ko.

ěš”! It's been a long hiatus.

We stopped posting months back because we were spending most of our free time catching up on Running Man episodes. :P

After that, we went on to watch new seasons of TV series we have been waiting for -- Suits, Person of Interest,  Modern Family... We haven't even started on Walking Dead or How I Met Your Mother. Gosh.

Then, we got started on a new Korean TV show -- Emergency Couple.

It's just been weeks and weeks, which led to months of non-stop catching up of shows after shows.

It doesn't help that we have Korean lessons every Saturday evening too. And I have laundry to do every Saturday morning/afternoon. We need our rest on Sundays, so our weekends were burnt, kinda.

We kinda stopped everything else. My plans to go for a pottery class and to write reviews on this blog got put on hold.

But now, as we began to pace ourselves more... not rushing through all the shows we've got... slowing down to prepare ourselves for our new home, I think it's time I start writing here again. :)


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