Quotes from Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother by Amy Chua

Just started reading the book, "Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother" by Amy Chua. The one that sparked some sort of a controversy a few years back when it was published.

I gotta say I agree with quite a few points she's made in the book.

I have been educated on various Western-based Educational Psychology theories, and I do agree with some of the theories. However, I think certain Asian parenting methods are not all that bad. At least based on personal experiences and what I've observed while growing up.

It really depends on the society, child and culture, plus everything in moderation would be the best?

Actually, parenting styles of others don't concern or bother me. To each his or her own as long as no child is harmed on purpose.

The thing I want to mention about is this: I think the points she made about "富不过三代", don't just apply to Chinese immigrants and their descendants in the US; I think that it applies to Singapore as a whole too.

Most of our forefathers were immigrants. They were frugal, hardworking and just wanted to make ends meet and bring up their half a dozen or so children. 

Our parents were the second generation who had some formal education, more opportunities as Singapore developed and more exposure to the world outside. They could give more to their children. They had more expectations and aspirations for their children to be more than them, to achieve more in life.

We are the third generation. Most of us have had a relatively easy life since we were born. We had so much more while growing up. More freedom. More exposure to Western thoughts and culture. We experienced less difficulties in life. We take the opportunities and good life for granted, because it's always been like that and this is the Singapore that we know of.

This is the problem I see. The younger generations are declining in terms of morals, attitude, virtues, respect for others, and just about everything our ancestors had that is good. They see "hard work" as an indication of a tough life and the failure of the Govt. to provide them with better lives with lesser work required. They want luxuries and leisure, minus the hard work. I think if we were still farming for a living, a lot of us would be terribly bad farmers with no harvest and food.

There are so much more negativity, unhappiness and complaints stemming from disappointment with how life has turned out to be in adulthood, and the lack of contentment with life in general. If we already have our basic needs met, then happiness or joy should no longer be pinned to extrinsic factors. It needs to come from contentment, acceptance and love. Not whether we can afford a car, condominium or branded bags. That's just my thoughts.

Will Singapore get through the 3rd and 4th generations safely? Besides the Govt adjusting their policies and stand, we need to recognise our decline and do something and stop it from going on to our children. We make up the country so we are the country. Its rise and fall depend on us as much as the Govt's efforts.

P.S.: The above points are just my opinions. I was not a socio-political student or anything. So there'll definitely be errors in my thoughts and understanding. I'd rather not have to argue over such stuff when we all know arguments like that lead to nothing constructive or helpful to either party.

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