It was dark and it was quiet. I baby-crawled to one corner of the room and started counting. "One...two...three..." I continued till I reached 32. Thirty-two steps in total from the stairway to my room. That was when the footsteps stopped.

I could hear him.

He is now at my door.

"He knows I'm here," I told myself. Beads of perspiration rolled down my cheeks as humidity intensified the discomfort. I quickly wiped it off as though a tiny bead would cause the floor to rumble and crack, alerting him. I'm not taking any chances. No way.

The door knob twisted and stopped.

Then to my surprise, he walked away. The footsteps slowly dissipated as he distant. Just as my tense muscles loosened, the door knob twisted quickly and the door swung opened. The light at the doorway flickered as the back of the door hit the wall with immense force. 

Silence crept in immediately. My ears and nose were stuffed with fear. I could not hear or smell anything. All available oxygen was sucked out in a matter of seconds.

I could not breathe.

"How?" I asked myself.

"How did I not hear him coming?"

But it was the dumbest question in a critical moment as if it would make much difference. It was inevitable that he would locate me.

This was when I realized the sick joke he had planned. His sick-intention was to fill me with fear, breaking me inside out. And he had succeeded.

Tears started rolling down my eyes as my slightest hope dimmed. My body quivered, losing heat rapidly, as fear had me think about what's to come.

"One...two...three..." I started counting again. Ten strong and heavy steps in total this time. It took him ten steps to reach where I was. I tightened my eyelids, still in denial about what was about to happen.

When all of a sudden, he laughed, as though my fear was needless.

But his laughter faded quickly. That was when I realized that I was done.

"Stand up!" He screamed.

His voice was so deafening and filled with evil that it ransacked my guts. It could be heard down the whole estate but sadly, it did not alert anyone earlier on when he bludgeoned my roommate to death.

I tried to stand up but I ended up fidgeting as my fearful body had given up on me. My soul was what I had left.

Without any warning, my shoulder cracked.

My mind went blank.

My eyes were spilled with fresh and thick blood.

He had cut me.

With a swift motion, he choked me and dragged me all the way up against the wall. I guess this is the strength of evil. I was close to losing consciousness when he let go.

He laughed again and said with a sick grin, "That's all for tonight."

Upon hearing that, I breathed a little.

But the moment he observed my body showing the slightest sign of relief, he plunged the axe right into my chest.

The pain was excruciating.

I heard my rib cracked.

He did not stop.

He pulled out the weapon and went in for the second strike. This time, I felt my heart cut and my body went colder as seconds passed.

Seeing that I'm close to death, he stopped and said, "Your family's next."

He squatted down and peeled open my wallet. One by one, my cards fell in front of me. Then he found it. My identity card.

He laughed yet again.

This time with more excitement.

"If you think this is bad, you should see what I will do to them," he said with zero emotions on his face and in his voice.

"Doesn't matter. You couldn't live to see it anyway."

Then he closed the door and returned the darkness to me.

I was alone once again.

I breathed slowly as I thought over what had just happened.

"It's all lies when they say that we would have flashbacks of our life during our last moment alive," I shouted inside me.

There were no flashbacks.

Rather, there was only the face of the man who hacked into my body cavity and the memory of the last words he said to me.

I breathed slowly trying to stay conscious and alive as long as possible.

Who was I kidding?

Nothing will change the fact that I'm dying.

"Where is the white light shown in the movies?" I asked.

By now, my breath has weakened.

My heart pulsates slowly until silence came.

"This is it," I said, as I opened my mouth wide to catch the last gasp of oxygen from this living world.

I guess this is the reason why a dying man would always take in and let out a huge breath before he dies.

The time is up.

I breathed out my last breath and I slowly shut my eyes.

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