Recently, there's a new blogging platform (on an app) called, Dayre.

When I first saw the logo of the app, I was turned off by the colour combination. The shade of yellow and blue just look so... old-fashioned.

(Not criticising my alma mater's school colours... although similar, they are not the same shades)

Actually, at first,  I didn't want to download the app because of that. Haha... Yes, shallow, I know.

However, the bloggers have been actively promoting Dayre... describing how the platform works. So due to my curiosity, I decided to try it out.

Saw unflattering reviews on Play Store regarding how it is very unstable. Was a little hesitant, but downloaded it anyway.

And just like the reviews, it was really unstable when I first tried it. I wasn't able to change my profile and cover pictures successfully. It sometimes crashed all of a sudden.

But the stickers and blogging format were really interesting I decided to give it another try the next day.

So adorable!

I think the stickers are comparable to Line's stickers... 

Hopefully there'll be more soon.

By then, surprisingly, it got better.

I was able to change my settings and pictures and then I started blogging with it.

I realised it's like the b*stard child of Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr and Google Plus if they all had an orgy together. 

But the concept is still rather unique and different from all those social media platforms. 

This is like a daily diary sort of blogging style. Each entry with a limit of 500 words. There are absolutely adorable stickers to choose from to express your feelings (as seen above).

You can post in text, video and photograph (in square Instagram-ish format with filters to choose from) formats. You can also post your location, like the cafe you ate at and so on.

Because it's like a diary of sorts, each entry will continue on from the previous one as long as it's posted on the same day. There are no breaks in between and it's from top to bottom in chronological order for each day.

Below is an example:

This morning, day 322 of 2013, I posted 5 different postings.

This is a sticker post with description.

This is a photo post with description. 

See how they continue on without breaks in between? 

You can easily add another post to the day with the buttons below.

And other Dayre users can like or share your post to other social media sites. The sharing function shares the entire day, not specific posts.

People can view your entries as per day format or they can view all the entries in a week or month. Other people who are not Dayre users can view your shared postings or your Dayre profile on the browsers too. Just like Instagram. 

Oh, you can hashtag your posts as well. #awesome #hashtagoverload #hashtageverything

Anyway, since the second day I started using it, the app has been very stable for me, except for occasional loading problems for the feeds. Other than that, I don't have many complains about it except that not enough people are using it right now. And I hope it can be posted to Blogger or something, not just as a link though. Hmm...

They should also start to add in new stickers for the users... :3

I really enjoy and like this blogging style and hope this will pick up eventually, so the developer can continue to improve on it.

The feeds.
No harm giving it a try if you're sick of the other social media platforms. Take a look at the popular bloggers' Dayre profiles (e.g. Xiaxue and Fourfeetnine/Audrey) and see how interesting it can be! ;)

P.S.: Quickly get your name registered while it's still relatively new!

Follow me (siew_luan) if you get on it...! :)

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