Haven't been blogging for quite some time now. I guess not as often as when we just started this blog.

The somewhat "hiatus" kinda started from the week when he got sick (high fever), then I got kinda unwell for an extended period of time... and then the drive just dwindled off, you know?

It's not just my drive to blog, but my drive to exercise too. And that is definitely not good for my waistline. :P

I am slowly getting back the drive and the determination again.

But, recently, we have a major distraction from everything else -- Running Man.

[Image source: onetvasia.com]

We know the show started about 3 years ago. Both of us watched the first few episodes when it aired on Channel U. We knew it was a hit. But somehow, both of us did not follow the programme like everyone else. I guess it was due to studies, work and an inconvenient timing the programme was on during the weekdays.

So, recently, we were more active watching TV programmes on cable during our free time in the evening. We discovered the channel, One TV Asia, which was showing old and new episodes of Running Man on different nights -- every Friday and Saturday nights. Those are the best timings for us to catch the programme without sacrificing sleep on work days.

We started catching it every weekend from then onwards.

Then... somehow, we found a website which streams all the old episodes.


We just couldn't. stop. watching.

Every night, after dinner, it's just episode after episode of Running Man.

[Image source: http://syjeqr.files.wordpress.com/2013/05/running-man-ep104.jpg]

Every night, we'll laugh like crazy. My cheeks will hurt so bad at times. We just enjoy watching how the casts' relationships progressed and changed over time from the beginning to how it is right now.

We enjoy listening to Gary's cheesy flirtatious lines with Ji Hyo. We enjoy watching Haha's "evilness"; Jae Suk's leadership and humour; Kwang Soo's wit (yes, wit) and acting; Jong Kook's temper and strength...

Most of all, we enjoy laughing so hard tears form in our eyes involuntarily.

That, makes everything better at the end of each day. No matter how shitty things were during the day, everything just feels so much better after a few episodes of Running Man.

I guess, that's why people love the show so much. That's why people love the casts so much.

I wish this show will never end.

I want years and years of laughter and joy from watching them play, seeing how their love and friendships grow.

This show, is the antidote to all the negativity in this current era. We need a constant dose of this antidote in our lives.

And I don't want intervention for this addiction of ours. :)

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