Falling sick on a Saturday is the last thing I want to end my week-long leave. But that happened anyway.

There's a reason why Saturdays ain't a day to fall sick on -- most clinics would be closed by 1pm, which was the time, the groggy me woke up yesterday.

So, without much options available, I turned to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) - Eu Yan Sang Clinic.

I've always been curious about the power of Chinese medicine, like whether it is as effective as Western medicine. So this experience actually helped to give me an idea.

Upon reaching the reception, the clinic assistant explained to me the cost per consultation and the cost of the medicine.

It costs about $14 for first time consultation and subsequent visit will cost $10 per consultation. Medicine per day is about $8. So if the physician tells you that you need 7 days of medication, do your math.

After you agree to it, they will give you a form to fill in if it's your first time visiting. Then, another assistant came by and did a blood pressure test for me.

Within 5 mins, my consultation began in one of the many rooms in the clinic. No surprise that the whole consultation room is filled with posters of acupuncture. The physician did not have a stethoscope. All he had was his fingers to check my pulse.

He asked questions similar to what a western physician will asks. Very quickly, I was at the counter waiting for my medicine in powder form.

Individually packed Chinese medicine in powder form.

The bag they gave me to bring the medicine home.

Eu Yan Sang's CSR. 

After I got home, I immediately downed my lunch and drank a cup of water mixed with the medicine. It did not taste too bad. It's better than any cough syrup any day. Then, I went to bed.

Within an hour or two, I burned up. I hit 39 degrees celsius. It was the worst Saturday ever. My body ached and I can't really move.

Thanks to my doting wife and her bowls of ice and wet towel, she got me to cool down a bit. But I still wasn't perspiring. The heat was literally trapped in my body.

Finally, I couldn't take it anymore. I asked for some leftover fever medicine. After just one intake, I began to perspire. My fever dropped from 39.0 to 38.8. The 0.2 degrees made a huge difference but not enough. After downing a lot of water, constant wiping and napping, I took another round of fever medicine four hours later and it finally dropped to a safer level.

I'm not saying that Chinese medicine is no good. I think it is because my body is very acclimatised to Western medicine that the slow effect of Chinese medicine is not strong enough for me.

I even thought I was going to die when my temperature peaked. Haha...

Will I go back to TCM for normal fever, cough and flu? Most probably not.

I will stick to the Western medicine my body is used to.  However, if you're used to Chinese medicine, then maybe the medicine will work better for you.

If you're seeking TCM treatments, perhaps you can consider going to Eu Yan Sang as their service is quite good. 

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