Back in 2006, due to an interest in learning new languages, I signed up and went for a Basic Conversational Korean language course.

Actually, allow me to digress a little...

When I was in polytechnic, I had actually taken up Basic Conversational French and Japanese with my friend at the same time. We took both language courses in the same semester. It was madness. Haha...

But we enjoyed the classes a lot and played around with the languages while we were practising it between ourselves.

I struggled a lot with French because I have a Chinese tongue and couldn't roll my tongue to pronounce the "rrrr" sound.

Japanese was much easier as compared to French... at least I didn't have to roll my tongue, or take note of the differences between the masculine or feminine words... and the Hiragana (Japanese alphabet) was easy to remember. I think Chinese being my Mother Tongue actually helped a lot as it has quite some similarities to Chinese.

I didn't continue with learning French as it wasn't really my cup of tea. As for Japanese, I wanted to continue on to the intermediate level, but I also wanted to concentrate on my studies. So I held off on that. And now I've "returned" most of what I've learnt to my teacher. :(

Taken from an infographic on the hardest languages to learn for Native English speakers. I think for me, the easiest to learn should be switched with the most difficult ones.

So anyway, back in 2006, I watched a few really nice Korean dramas, so I got interested in the language and took it up as I had quite a lot of free time (being single and all that haha).

Fast forward to this day, life got kinda busy for me after I finished the course (work, course after course, dating and then wedding preparations), thus, I didn't manage to continue to learn more about the language. But my interest remained strong as I really like this language despite the difficulty with regards to the different sentence structures in terms of grammar rules and all that.

Before our wedding, I told myself once it's over, I will continue with my learning. Whether it's another course (post-graduate diploma or something), or to continue learning languages, doesn't matter. I just want to continue learning and improving myself.

So, since I still remember the sounds to the Korean alphabet quite well, as compared to Japanese, I decided to continue on with it!

I definitely can't go on to the intermediate level from here, because I've forgotten most of the vocabs and grammar, so I signed up for a basic course again. As a refresher.

It will be at a nearby Community Centre.

I'm very excited yet nervous about going back to class for a period of time (3 months!).

This time, I intend to continue learning this language to the next level after the basic course.

I hope I can master at least one foreign language in my lifetime and I think Korean would be the best option for me right now. :)

Wish me luck!

아자아자 화이팅!

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