The first smartphone I carried was the iPhone 3GS. Presently, after three years of fall-out and going for the likes of Android, I am finally reunited with my old flame, the iPhone 5S; it's been a fantastic home-coming for me. I'm not saying that the Android is bad but that is a story for another day.

I love Apple products because of its unique stand in the market. Although its past few "revolutionary" products seemed to have fallen from its grace after Steve Jobs' passing, the latest iPhone 5S has somehow managed to revive a little of its lost glamour. The iPhone 5S is a small yet powerful phone in the mobile phone market. To me, it is one hell of a phone packed with ideas lifted from Android and Windows mobile operating systems without compromising on its uniqueness.

This phone is pure classic. It reminded me of a phone that Nokia had killed long ago - Nokia 8850. Remember the slider to access your keypad and that classy dark silver casing?

With its aluminum and glossy finish, no matter how you hold it in your hands or where you put it, the iPhone 5S stands as a class above the rest. Without a cover or bumper, this piece of art positions itself as a high-end product any day. With nicely-chosen covers or bumpers, this device turns into something fun and creative, which reminds me of the Apple advertisement where they had many silhouettes dancing to the music on their iPods.

Like I said, the iPhone 5S is small as compared to gigantic phones like the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 and other phones that have bigger screen size in the mobile market. Big is of course, on many occasions, always better. But definitely not for your phone.

I am still a proud owner of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2, but the size of that thing is just... inconvenient. Especially so on a crowded train when you need to reply an important message quickly, but you're already carrying or holding something in one hand. Thus, making it difficult for you to do it smoothly and quickly with just one free hand's thumb.

The iPhone 5S, on the other hand, gives you more comfort in typing your messages with just one thumb, and it's easy to stretch the thumb across the screen to open an application. The movement feels more fluid, which enables you to act more efficiently.

Among all the necessary applications and functions we need daily, Apple has incorporated something practical - Fingerprint recognition technology.

There was a time when it first launched that I questioned Apple's decision to incorporate the fingerprint function into the phone. "Utter rubbish!" I said. But after a few weeks of trying to understand the phone better through countless reviews, and even better after I got it, I realized how handy this function is.

This addition to the iPhone is pure genius. It is, to me, sending out a message to the world that you don't have to pretend no one sees the password you key to access your phone in the public anymore.

I am never a fan of having passwords to deny unauthorized access to my phone because it is inconvenient for me to type the password, and I feel uncomfortable doing so in the public. But with the fingerprint function, it gave me a great reason to protect my phone without compromising my password or cause any inconvenience. Just one touch on the Home button and I can unlock my phone instantaneously. Brilliant.

I was an iOS user, who got converted to Android and have now found my way back to the iOS, because I feel that the iPhone 5S has brought back some of Steve Jobs' love for perfection in it. It is also because of its beautifully-redesigned operating system that triggered the reunion.

The iPhone 5S is a compact and powerful phone that is equipped with practicality. Although it is lacklustre as compared to its competitors' futuristic functions, the phone stands by its principle of not over-promising the consumers with tons of features. All in all, it is a phone, which either you love it or hate it. So far, I'm loving it.

How about you?

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