I have a Thomas Sabo charm bracelet that I wear (almost) on a daily basis.

It got so oxidised it's actually blackish in every groove on the charms and inside the rings of the chain...

So black and dull.

It lost its charm. Pun fully intended. :P

Remember Mister Ko and I actually went to a PMC Silver Clay class not too long ago?

During that class, while waiting for our rings to "bake", we chatted with our instructor (Naoko) on polishing silver. I showed her my charm bracelet and told her it's really oxidised it's impossible to clean it thoroughly with the silver polishing cloth that I got from Thomas Sabo.

She took out this bottle of liquid polish and said because it's been kept for so long, she will sell it to me half-priced (S$4). She also kindly told us that Beads Etc (the shop that her workshop is in) sells the liquid polish too. But I decided to get it from her to try it out.

We tried it out one or two days later, and were so amazed by the results.

The lighting isn't that great so it may look kind of black here, but I assure you those are the shadows.

If you look at the chain, the insides of the rings used to be black. Now they are in a light silver colour.

One more obvious difference (in the photos) is the pink cubic zirconia charm. The sides used to be really blackish and yellowish (you can refer to the "before" pictures shown at the beginning of this post), now the discolouration is gone!

The liquid polish really cleaned everything up from the inside out. Even small grooves cannot escape its (chemical) hands.

I understand it may not be very obvious from the photos or the video below, but there is really a stark difference in real life. I will definitely use the liquid to polish my bracelet again when it gets really oxidised once more.

Loving my renewed charm bracelet! 

Since so many people are getting charm bracelets nowadays (especially from Pandora)... we thought it'll be informative to blog about this.

Do check with the respective sales personnel that you buy your silver accessories from, and find out if it's ok for your silver to be polished by such liquid polish. Or if they do sell it in their stores.

I think it's much more effective and time-efficient to use liquid polish than those cloths, which will get black and dirty really fast.

Video of the polishing process below. It took just a few seconds for the whole bracelet to be cleaned!

We did not take down the brand name of the polish before we threw the box away, but I don't think brand names matter for such product. They are most probably the same in terms of the chemicals in the liquid.

You can get it from Naoko (normal price S$8) or Beads Etc (price unknown), or from other silver accessories shops.

Hope this was informative and helpful! :)

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