Recently, Mister Ko and I developed a new routine of watching Taiwanese variety shows on cable at night.

The guests on those shows are mostly ladies, so there's a lot of gossips involved, beauty tips and whatsnot.

Yesterday night, while watching one of the shows on the topic of "Before and After" differences of girls who have really pretty photos on the Internet and how they actually look sans make-up, one of them mentioned an app that can beautify your photo with just "one touch" (一键变美).

So, I searched for it on Google Play store and found this app called, PhotoWonder.

The app is very sweet-looking with pastel colours.

They have an option called, "One-click", which is what the girl on the show mentioned.

I used an old photo of mine to try it out.

Under "Beautify", on the top row, first on the left is the magical button.

Once you select that, it will bring you to this screen where you can choose how slim and fair you want your face to be. Actually, it does more than that. It automatically adjusts your face proportionately slimmer, evens out your skin tone, makes it super fair & glowy, and makes your eyes bigger.

When I tried that last night, I was so amazed by it and how different I actually look in #5 of the scale. I actually laughed out loud.

I also tried it with Mister Ko's photo. The result was hilarious. LOL. I didn't save it and won't want to traumatise everyone. Hahaha.. 

Anyway, if you noticed, there is a "Compare" button on the bottom right of the screen. It really helps you to see the huge difference in your photos after editing.

This is my before and after photos, side-by-side:

I only chose #3, because any further up the scale would be too exaggerated (for me). :P

The photos aren't exactly saved in high-resolution format, so that's one weak point for this app.

Oh, you can also manually beautify yourself if you don't like the "One-click's" results. :)

The app also provides quite a number of cute "stickers", "pranks" and "accessories" to decorate your photos with.

One thing bad about it is that, it doesn't come preloaded with the really cute and nice ones. You must download the ones you like one by one. The downloading is rather quick, but it's the loading of the images that will take up some time.

But I guess, since it's just a one-off thing to download those stuff, if you don't mind spending some time to look through, then you can reap what you sow the next time you want to edit your photos! :)

Their frames (also need to download the nicer ones, only a few are preloaded) are also quite pretty and unique. Some are those common ones you can find in all photo-editing apps, but there are quite a few unique ones I haven't seen before.

They also have themes for download, which are quite limited. You can also form collages as well.

You can put in speech balloons, apply filters, adjust the tone, crop, rotate, sharpen, draw on it and so on. The only thing missing is being able to place text on the photo. But that can be done by other apps if you don't mind the hassle.

I think those are more or less what people need now for photo-editing apps.

I've recently been trying a few apps, this is one that impressed me quite a lot. Especially with the auto-adjusting "one-click" function they have. Impressive for a suaku like me.

Anyway, that's about it! Hope the ladies will have fun with this!

Here's to more pretty profile pictures! :D

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