I have just attended SUPERHERO – The Musical at the newly built Academia! I got to say I was skeptical about how it will be. I feared that it will be yet another poorly-organised and scripted skit that I’ve seen before for many times. :(

BUT! Now I have to take back that thought because it was pretty good.

Directed by Mr Dezz Moey of Serendip Showbiz, the SUPERHERO was about a boy named Caleb, who hides in a comic store after school every day, to live out his dreams and to try to help with the family finances. Caleb’s bid to be a hero hits a snag when his mother’s liver cancer worsens, and it seems like a liver transplant is the only option. Caleb and his father need to see whether either of them is a viable donor, and if they are, whether his headstrong mother will go through the transplant at all.

Caught in between these circumstances, Caleb seeks comfort in a quirky and effervescent girl named Leah, who is on the waiting list for a liver transplant as well. Psst… Leah looks hot!

The musical was organised in conjunction with the SingHealth’s Liver Transplant Week and the Liver Cancer Awareness Month. It was jointly-organised by the Singapore General Hospital and National Cancer Centre Singapore.

The most shocking of all was that the performers were staff of SingHealth. That’s right! I cannot believe my eyes because they were absolutely amazing. Of course, it will be unfair to compare them with the high standards of the Broadway musicals. But this, to me, ranks a 7/10. It’s free anyway.

Unfortunately, I have to leave the auditorium mid-way because of other commitments. The takeaway message for me from this musical is that liver transplant is not as scary as you think. We should embrace the idea more openly so that many who are suffering from liver disease can have a chance to live a healthy life with the ones they loved. Just like you do.

For more information, you can visit the SingHealth Transplant Website.

Here are some of the photos I took: ;)

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