I used to download music from iTunes store for about a year and recently, I've found a new love - Spotify.

Spotify is not free-of-charge per se. It is a digital music service that gives you access to millions of songs, with a subscription of SGD 9.90 a month.

You can use it on your computer or on-the-go with your smartphone.

One downside to the many people who love owning their favourite songs is that Spotify does not allow it to happen. But don't fret just yet. The silver-lining is that you still get to listen to them offline!

I know it sounds weird but people, it is true.

I am currently in the middle of my 30 days free trial and I have to say that I am impressed. Although for some Singaporeans, SGD 9.90 might sound a lot for a month, I do believe it is worth the investment i.e. if you frequently download more than 10 songs from iTunes every month.

For me, I used to download an average of five songs a month. Not really worth it until I realised just how many music albums of my favourite artistes I can download!

The music quality is normal but you can change the setting on Spotify to have it download high quality music. Point to note, please make sure you download only when you are on wi-fi or you might end up with a hefty handphone bill at the end of the month.

If you want to try Spotify, just download it on your phone and on your desktop to begin. Like I mentioned earlier, new users get 30-days free trial! Try it. :)

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