Mister Ko recently got me a polaroid camera!

It's the Fujifilm instax mini 7s:

I've always wanted a polaroid camera because it seems so fun to take a picture and get it instantly in "hard copy". Also, I'm grossly unphotogenic, so the low resolution nature of the camera would help me tremendously.

He also got a pack of film with the Winnie the Pooh theme!

Silly us tried it out at home just for the fun of it. But later that week, we went to Gardens by the Bay, and we finally used it more meaningfully. :P

We tried to capture the beautiful backgrounds within the photos, but our arms were not long enough.

Tried it again... Epic fail. Haha...

I can't wait to get a refill and start taking more pictures of us at various places where the background cannot really be seen. Hahaha...

I think the camera is great so far. The manual exposure setting reset every time you switch off the camera. 

The on/off power "button" is also very convenient -- it's the lens! Pull it out, and it's switched on. You'll just need to wait for the lights at the exposure control dial to stop running and you can take your picture! And then you just push in the lens and it's switched off.

The size is rather big, so it's not friendly for small bags/pouches if you're not one to take big bags out. It doesn't matter for me because my bags are usually big enough. It runs on 4 AA batteries, but I'm not sure how many shots before the batteries run out. Haven't got there yet.

The films come in sets of 10, and each set costs about S$12-S$18, depending on the design. It's a little expensive because this means each photo would cost more than a dollar. Whereas, usually a 4R photo may cost less than 50 cents. But if you compare it to a 2R photo, which is about the same size, it's almost as expensive (if I remember it correctly, a 2R photo costs between 50 cents to a dollar). But the size is great for keeping in wallets though! :)

A lot of people say polaroid photos don't last long and that they will fade. I think it totally depends on how you keep the photos. Mister Ko has a polaroid photo from when he was 15 years old, and that is about 13 years ago... It is still as clear as before! He had kept it in his drawers for many years, and a few years ago, I took it. It's been in my wallet ever since. No fading whatsoever.

Anyway, even if polaroid doesn't last forever, we can always scan it or take a photo of it to keep it as a digital copy (for just in case). Overall, I think it's a good buy. Fun and most importantly, captures memories at that moment in an old-school way...

I think sometimes we need a break from all the advanced technologies and just relive the old times. Take the risk and take a photo without knowing how it will turn out, and without being able to apply filters or photoshop it!

That's the beauty of polaroid. :)

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Anonymous Melodie Mike Ng shared on 29 Sep 2013, 18:15:00  

You know you can get the film off Qoo10 (gmarket), the plain ones are about 90+cents each!

Blogger Mark shared on 1 Oct 2013, 17:47:00  

Yeah... But it was out-of-stock when I went on it. Hahaha.. :)

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