I started using Kobo about two years ago and so far, it has been fantastic to me as an eBookstore and an eReader.

Although I still prefer to read from a physical book, having an eReader with my favourite books stored in it allows me to travel light when I'm too lazy to lug my bag around.

Till now, Kobo's Android application has yet to fail me. I have its application downloaded on my iPad too but it is lacklustre as compared to the Android version. I read reviews about its Kindle-like eReader tablet and found out that it has been pretty disappointing to many owners. Not a big deal to me. As long as Kobo is working fine on my phone, I am contented. Lugging another device, when the app is available on your phone, is quite of redundant, don't you think?

Kobo has over 3.5 million eBooks, newspapers and magazine titles. Although they may not have as many as Amazon does, I'm still able to find the books that I want.

The prices are quite alright for me. It would be better if it shows the prices in SGD than USD. If you think some of the books are still unaffordable, don't worry. Once you have signed up as a user, promo codes for discounts will be sent to your email occasionally. Grab that opportunity to purchase the books you want. This is one way to save even though this mode of reading is already the cheapest and most convenient.

For ease of reading, Kobo settings, like many other eReaders, allow you to change the background colour from white, black to sepia. You are also given the liberty to adjust the font size from fantastic eyesight to near-blindness - this is just a metaphor. Don't take it too seriously. :)

Another thing I love about it is that when you encounter an unfamiliar word, you just need to highlight it and a definition bar will pop up either at the top or the bottom of your application. Yes. The application comes with a dictionary and it is accessible offline.

If you wish to share or boast about the kind of books you are reading now, you can even announce it on Facebook through the application. Not to mention, if you like a certain phrase/sentence, you can also highlight it and share it on Facebook.

While reading through a book, you will realise a conversation bubble may appear on the top left corner. This conversation bubble is a comment made by a fellow reader, who purchased the same book, on his/her thoughts thus far. You can share your thoughts on the book too if you want to widen your social circle of bookworms. ;)

All in all, the Kobo on Android for me is a wonderful application and serves as a great alternative for my hardcopy books. I would not recommend you to install it on your iPad or get a Kobo reader tablet due to poor reviews. But if you really cannot live without acting nerdy yet techie holding a Kindle, then probably you will have to wait for some time. How long you say?

In May, Amazon announced that Kindles will be available in 170 countries by end June 2013. Seriously, it is already mid-way through September and still no news on it. So how long again?

Perhaps next January, I hope.

But if you do not wish to wait for that long and you own an Android tablet, phablet or phone, you might want to consider Kobo.

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