This is actually a follow-up to my previous post on overlays! If you've read that post then you would know that Naver Camera app has stickers that look like overlays... So...

Recently, they had an update!

And now there are more text stickers that resemble overlays once again. :D

I love all the positivity I get from all these new stickers. 

The cool thing is, they have quite a few that are very colourful. For stickers with colours or just in black/white, they will be fine against most backgrounds as they are very opaque.

But when it's coloured overlays, the colours can't really turn out very well on many backgrounds (due to its transparency when you select "multiply" at the last step). I realised it's only best on white backgrounds. But photos cannot always be having white backgrounds, right? Unless it's our passport photos. :P

So Naver's stickers have an advantage in this aspect. It's also more convenient than applying overlays with Pics Art.

However, their selection is limited and there's no possibility of personalising the stickers to suit your style and current favourite icons/patterns/phrases/etc.

But if you don't require much personalisation, and those stickers from Naver are cute and unique enough for your liking, then I'd recommend downloading Naver Camera to use. It's free anyway!

Don't be daunted by the Korean words, I mean, it's quite user-friendly because there are icons anyway. So you don't have to know Korean to know how to use the app. Furthermore, I think the app supports English, Chinese and Japanese too... Just that I haven't actually found the need to change the language.

There's also one more great thing about this app, it has a "photo-grid" function that is very convenient to use!  That's for another day though. :)

Always happy and excited to share good stuff with others. Hopefully, these two posts of mine have been helpful...

p.s.: If you still don't understand what's overlays and wants to be able to know how to use it, please feel free to ask me! :)

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