Last year, on Mid-Autumn Festival (Lunar Calendar: 八月十五), we were busily getting married.

So this year's Mid-Autumn Festival (yesterday, September 19th) was a little more special to us. Although, technically, based the Gregorian Calendar, our actual wedding anniversary is still a little more than a week away.

Lunar Calendar's dates and the universally-used Gregorian Calendar's dates don't match on a yearly basis. Therefore, our "Chinese birthdays" or "Chinese wedding dates" are on different (Gregorian) dates every year. Not sure how many years later will the dates meet again... Hmm.

Anyway, we decided to play with lanterns and sparklers to relive our childhood and to celebrate our first Chinese wedding anniversary. :)

When we got home from work last evening, the sky was really dark and the clouds were looming over the whole neighbourhood.

We decided to have faith and went to get lanterns and sparklers from NTUC anyway.

After dinner, we got prepared.

We got candles from our mothers' collections of birthday candles.
At about 8+pm, the clouds seemed to have cleared a little. We made our way downstairs and started walking to Punggol Park (which is the nearest park from his home).

While making our way to the park, there were nobody holding any lantern whatsoever. I got a little nervous and both of us felt rather awkward.

But we marched on, not caring if anybody else was celebrating too. We just wanted to have our fun, that's all. 

Once we got to the park, we saw a family holding lanterns and was making their way back home...

"Finally! A pair of good parents!" I exclaimed in jest.

We felt more at ease and lighted (the candles in) our lanterns.

Our first lanterns for the night!
To our surprise, there were actually a lot of people at the park playing with lanterns, sparklers and even picnicking with mooncakes.

The park was brimming with festive mood.

Black cat was all alone and just minding her own business. She attempted to poo on the grass, but was perhaps too distracted by the activities all around her she just stopped and walked away...

It was a beautiful night.

My picture doesn't do it justice.

We walked one big round in the park and met this resident cat. She's always at that same spot every night.

She is also always so cool and nonchalant. We tried to get her attention with the brightly-coloured lanterns.

His lantern's candle had burnt out, so he could hold it closer to her. Mine was still burning, so I kept a distance. 

"Meh. Humans. Sheesh."

She was very suspicious of Mister Ko's every movement. Hahaha..

We decided to stay near Cleopatra (that's the name we have for her due to her big round eyes that seem to be drawn with eyeliner), while we played with our sparklers.

The green sparkler's spark wasn't really very pretty.

The red and gold sparklers were much prettier!

Us taking pictures...

When I was young, the sparks frightened me. I will always hold the tip of the sparkler's "handle" to avoid getting singed by the sparks. But now, I am braver! Skin got thicker too, I guess. Haha...

Tried to draw a "1" to signify our first year...

Our stuff on the ground. Don't worry, we cleared our things properly and threw them into a nearby rubbish bin.
Model Residents award, please. Thanks. :P

Like fireworks. :D

The end of a sparkler's life.

Taking pictures of each other.

Both of us coincidentally did the same thing to each other. LOL. He also took pictures of me having a "sparkly head".

Last one.

We went back to playing with lanterns. New one for me!

New one for him too!

Side by side.

Rainbow colours.

Finally, the moon managed to peek out of the clouds!

And I managed to capture it with my handphone's camera

We walked home slowly. Drained of all energy...

By the next Mid-Autumn Festival, we will most probably be living in our own home at another neighbourhood. Our estate has its own park too... So we'll most probably be playing at that park in the future.

And if/when we have our own kid, our kid will join us in our celebration on every 八月十五. :)

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