On this day last year, Mister Ko and I woke up very early in the morning and spent the whole day running around for our wedding.

A selfie we took on the wedding car.

We were just so happy with the fact that once we got over that day, we'll be free from all the tiring preparation work and would be officially married!

"Hahahaha! It's finally going to be over!"

The months and months of preparation leading up to our wedding day was just so tiring. We were not at our happiest when we were preparing for it, because there were a lot of things we didn't have a choice in. Certain decisions were made to please others or due to financial constraints.

But let's not go there.

Waiting in my room... 


With our wonderful friends whom we are eternally grateful to. They helped us out so much during our wedding we can never thank them enough. 

Our solemnisation was arranged to be on the same day. I just don't like the idea of the solemnisation ceremony and wedding day being on different days. Which one do you celebrate then?

Mr Zenon Teh, the best Justice Peace one could ever ask for. Patient, nice, detailed, punctual and bilingual with good dash of humour. Very thankful to him too! 

With my personal vows in front of me. We were so nervous then.

Mister Ko saying his vows.

His personal vows touched me greatly. I was kinda sobbing when I was saying mine.

It was just so emotional for me.

(Video of our wedding vows at the end of this post!)

While we were waiting to enter the ballroom.

Anyway, after the day was over, when we were back in our hotel room and everyone has left... We quickly showered and pigged out on the food that was saved for us from the banquet. We were starving despite having had 3 sets of meals before our wedding dinner started. We had a S$100 room service voucher. Yep, 3 sets. Hahaha...

But we actually paid the price for our gluttony because after that, just before our solemnisation, both of us had diarrhoea (nothing to do with the food, it's just overeating on our part). There was only a toilet in our room. So... it was madness for the two of us. He wanted to go again 5 minutes before we were required to be down for our solemnisation ceremony, and we panicked a little. I told him, "No, there isn't enough time. We need to go down. Just keep it in."

LOL. And he did.

Oops, I digressed a little too far.

Ok, so after we pigged out, we concussed.

The next day, after having our buffet breakfast at the hotel, we took a cab to our bridal studio and returned our loaned gowns and suits. After which, we made our way home to prepare for our mini-honeymoon to Taiwan.

It was a total whirlwind.

After that day, and after we came back from Taiwan, life changed quite drastically for the both of us.

I mean, we have to stay in his room for the time being till our home is complete as it's still under construction.

So... space can be quite limited.

We have always had a room to ourselves, so it took a bit of getting used to.

Especially for me. I missed my home and family. It was really difficult.

I had to "grow up" and take on new roles as a wife and a daughter-in-law.

There were a lot of ups and downs as we adjusted to our new lifestyle.

But our relationship got stronger with each hurdle.

Now, one year has passed, and our home is most probably going to complete by March or April 2014. We are fast approaching another new chapter in our life.

Of course, people have been asking about the thing everyone will ask after marriage, "Baby".

Yerin, the cute Korean kid on Youtube! I like her so much! I hope my baby will be as cheerful and happy as her.
Her parents post videos of her and her baby sister on this channel: bobaepapa.

At first, I felt we were not ready for one. I wanted him, us, to grow up more. To be ready mentally, and financially.

After one year, and after getting bombarded by so many babies' photos on social media, we got more and more tempted to have one. Maternal and paternal instincts flared like crazy.

He has proven himself to be one great husband. Always willing to share responsibilities, and always giving in to me. :P

We've both grown during this trying time of adjustment. And I feel like... he's ready and so am I.

But... with our home finishing soon, we need money for renovation and furniture. It's gonna empty our savings.

Without a good amount of savings in our bank, we simply cannot have a baby at this point in time.

We also didn't want to have a horse baby or a goat baby. :P Chinese will know what we're talking about.

We concluded that, a monkey baby will be the best timing for us. We would have settled into our home, spent some quality time alone and saved up again.

Image Source: Baby in a Monkey Costume
So... monkey baby that is. And hopefully by then, when we start trying, we won't have any problem conceiving. I understand, it cannot be taken for granted that if we want, we will get. Sometimes, it's not like that.

That is why, in the meantime, we want to keep ourselves as healthy as possible. I want to be lean and fit, so when it's time for me to conceive, I won't get too fat and find it hard to regain my figure after that.

Anyway, after writing this post, I just feel so grateful to everyone again. From our photographers to videographer (Coffee & Tea Dreamworkz), to our bridal studio (Bridal de Couture a.k.a Beautiful Love Wedding), to our relatives and friends, brothers and sisters, and our dear family members.

And I feel so grateful to have him by my side, going through thick and thin together.

I don't think I could ask for a better husband to be married to. Not that I would ask for another. Hahaha..

Half a decade of love, one year of marriage. It's been so surreal.

I never expected I would be loved by someone so deeply.

So thank you, my love, for loving me for who I am. Even though I may irritate you on a daily basis.

Here's to the rest of our lives!

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