I recently switched my old EZ-Link card to a new one thanks to my Mum who got it for me. I realised that the new one that I have is different from the EZ-Link card that I had. In fact, it is not an EZ-Link card. It is called a NETS Flashpay.

I believe I am not the only one who is confused between these two cards. So what are their differences? If you look at the screen-grab I got from the Singapore Mint FAQ site, you will realise that the only difference between the two is their longevity.

NETS Flashpay has a seven-year life span while EZ-Link card has five. Some people may be thinking, why would they need both? Actually, you don’t unless you want the perks that come along with the card.

At the moment, EZ-Link card does not have very attractive promotions going on. Only the top five members with the most EzRewards Points in this month will win a Delightful Spa Treat worth S$160. Each dollar spent on your purchase will give you 100 EzRewards Points. Super duper bo hua lah! What if you spent S$1000, but is still not in the top 5? Heart pain sia!

On the other hand, the current promotion for NETS Flashpay is much more rewarding and you get special deals immediately! Basically, you just have to purchase a NETS Flashpay card at TransitLink Ticket Office, 7-eleven or Cheers and a special deal coupon will be given to you.

Some of its perks:
  •          A Free Regular Coke with purchase of a movie ticket at Cathay Cineplexes (Shiok lah!)
  •          S$1 off with minimum spending of S$5 at Cheers or FairPrice Xpress
  •          Purchase a Polar Curry Puff at just S$1 instead of the usual S$1.80.

More worth it, right? 

So, if you need to change your EZ-Link to a new one this month, why not consider NETS Flashpay?

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Blogger Gintai_昇泰 shared on 30 Jun 2014, 06:55:00  

But EZ link card can be used to pay taxi fare. Nets flash card can't.

Blogger Mark shared on 30 Jun 2014, 09:52:00  

That's true. Actually, I've found some other cons using NETS Flashcard. E.g. not being able to top-up my fare through ATMs, SAM machine and etc. Also, you know the DVDs rental machine? I cannot pay using the Flashcard too. Now, I'm back with EZ-link. Happy as ever. Hahaha... ;)

Anonymous Anonymous shared on 4 Jul 2014, 01:03:00  

Not true, guys. I have used my nets flash pay to pay for cab fare on all my comfort cab rides so far.

Blogger Mark shared on 4 Jul 2014, 16:06:00  

Perhaps I got cheated by the driver. Haha.. Anyway, yes. You are right. :) thanks for updating us.

Anonymous Anonymous shared on 23 Jul 2014, 15:57:00  

You are also able to top up your nets flashcard through ATMs and its free instead of paying $0.25 for EZ-link.

Blogger Mark shared on 25 Jul 2014, 21:49:00  

Yar... I don't get the top-up charge lor. I thought is $0.30? Hmm... Thanks for sharing. :)

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