Quite some time back, I saw really nice "stickers" on a blogger's Instagram photos.

"Stickers" that look like that:

This is actually my picture, which I created to show what an overlay looks like (the hanging hearts). That's my marshmallow "double-cup" coaster, which I knitted over the weekend. Haha... 

"Why, hello yummy durians" 
(though D24, you're nowhere as yummy as the 猫山王)

I thought they were from the many photo-editing apps she's said she has.

Then, I saw people asking her about them in the comments... and she said they are "brenoverlays".

She mentioned it's not an app, but told those who asked to google "brenoverlays" instead.

At that time, I tried googling about it. But I couldn't figure out what was it all about. So I gave it up.

I decided to just use the stickers I have with my photo-editing apps (Line Camera, and Photo Grid at that point in time). The stickers in these apps are very adorable and great too!

After a while, I downloaded Naver Camera; I discovered they have stickers similar to that of overlays! I was extremely excited to have discovered this app and the stickers they offer for free.

Naver Camera

The baby-themed stickers...

 Hot summer stickers:

Beach-themed ones:

And those for rainy days...

I absolutely love those stickers above! Naver also have loads of other stickers that do not look like overlays, just the typical cute-looking ones. 

For a while, I was contented with what I have because I seldom used them as it can be quite time-consuming...

However, as the stickers in my photo-editing apps got better and cuter with each update, I got more and more interested in using them for my pictures. I can spend a long time just to personalise a picture before uploading it to Instagram, Tumblr and/or Facebook. 

My carrot boy and his carrot boy-boy. Lol.

Did this just for the fun of it during our bus ride to Changi.

The other coaster I knitted.

I ever thought of buying the really nice ones from Line, but the miser in me always reminds me how frivolous those things are. 

Then, yesterday on Instagram, I came across the same blogger answering people's questions on her "stickers" again. 

This time, I decided to get to the bottom of it. Googled, and came across this really informative blog post on overlays: "How to use overlays" by Urbandoll.com.sg (Keline).

And I finally got it.

I went to a few of those Tumblr accounts she listed and found some really nice designs in two - brenoverlays and shii_overlays.

They provide their own tutorials on how to create the overlays on your pictures (step one: you need to download the free app, Pics Art). Both are very detailed and easy to refer to, you can find brenoverlays' tutorial here and shii_overlays' tutorial here. Just follow their simple instructions and you'll be using overlays on your pictures in no time!

I actually downloaded over 30 designs from the both of them last night, and I cannot wait to use all of them!

If I do use them and upload my photos onto Instagram or Tumblr, I will definitely credit them by using their specific hashtags. That's out of respect and a basic courtesy we all should have toward people who generously share their works with us out of goodwill. :) 

I hope I've managed to help spread the word on this really creative and cool thing we all can use to personalise our photos. 

If Mister Ko and I do get a digital drawing tablet, I hope I'll be able to contribute to the variety of overlays that are available on the internet! :)

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