My ever-adventurous wife decided two weeks back that we're going to visit the Bidadari Cemetery on (the previous) Saturday. It brought back memories of the time when I used to go to that area to pay respect to my grandmother. Although she was not "rested" in the same cemetery, it was just around the corner.

What is left of the once populated cemetery (with the dead, of course!) is now a defunct cemetery, making way for new developments. I can’t help but wonder if the ghostly figures still hangout there once in a while. 

Anyway! The place is still as serene as before and for goodness' sake, it is huge too! The slopes may look gentle enough for us to stroll, but going up and down the different paths will really give your legs some good exercise. I guess that is why we spotted a number of Gurkhas running rounds after rounds to keep their bodies in shape to fight for our nation. Haha!

It took us two hours to stroll around the entire place, take some photos and to locate the Bidadari Cemetery gates. The gates used to stand majestically along the main road, but it had been shifted to 10 Mount Vernon Road. With my “unmatched” navigation skills, instinct and my reluctance to rely on GPS, we walked around the cemetery trying to locate the gates but to no avail. By that time, the sun was already setting. This increased the intensity of the eeriness of that place. Moreover, our growling tummies and itching mosquito bites were also depleting our will to find the gates.

We nearly gave up.

But I just could not bring myself to fail. That was when I told my wife that we will give it one last shot and we made our way down the route to the columbarium where my grandmother used to be placed.

After about 15 -20 minutes of walk, we finally found the gates right in front the Gurkhas camp, I think. By that time, the sun had already set. So we quickly snapped a couple of photos and walked away. 

Okay. Actually, we left because we saw a banner saying that the area is under observation for dengue. That is the reason why we ended our visit so quickly. Hahaha!

It was actually quite an adventure for us. Though the blazing sun, high humidity, starving stomachs, mosquito bites, tired legs and a little unhappiness nearly had us given up, but we continued to push on to ensure that our goal to find the Bidadari Cemetery gates was attained!

What I’ve learned from this trip is that as a couple, we have different tolerance levels for different things. The environment that we were in was not harsh (I had experienced much much much much worse during my NS days), but it did enough to test our tolerance levels under environmental stress. If you are guessing that we quarrelled with loud voices during the visit, we didn’t. We actually managed to calm down under such conditions and talk to each other about our feelings at that point in time. Eventually, smiles were back on our faces again.

If you wish to test your relationship with your less-adventurous boyfriend or husband, this might be a good and mild way to do so. Perhaps you will be able to gauge his reliability when shit happens. HAHAHA!

Oh and yes, if you are also planning to go there for a jog or flying kites, REMEMBER TO BRING ‘OFF’ and also wear a pair of shoes! 

Here are some other photos that were not uploaded onto my Facebook page:

Lovely sight at Bidadari. I don't think she knows that this was a cemetery and dead people were six feet under. Hahaha...

Nice greens

Saw someone hovering over the plains and this place used to house the deceased. Haha!

Some kids were hanging out on the left swinging rubber swords. Not sure why. And on the right, bikers were just standing around. I thought they knew the kids but apparently not.

The Gurkhas. But ain't this a nice image for stock photos?

Windows Wallpaper!

Don't ask. I have no clue why John got the attention of this fly.

I don't get it. The location of these rubbish is just 50 metres walk to the nearest litter bin. They can walk out but can't carry these out. Haunt them!

This old lady should have her children or grandchildren by her side. What a moment to capture if that had happened.

For the rest of the photos, you can view it here.

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