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I think God saved me today.

I'd usually walk down escalators without holding onto the handrail (due to my OCD; it's freaking dirty). So today, while on my way to my mother's, I got to Lakeside MRT station. My muscles were aching due to last night's exercises (planking, standing abduction and lunges), therefore I chose to stand on the left instead of walking down (in Singapore we keep to the left).

This woman stood on the right on the step in front of mine. She decided she didn't want to walk down, so she moved to her left, which makes her right in front of me. Her hair was close to my face, and I got annoyed so I decided to walk down after all.

Just as I moved a little, the escalator suddenly halted. I managed to grab the handrail on the left just in time and the woman behind me knocked onto me as she lost her balance.

Thank God nobody fell. We made our way down once everyone got over their shock.

I was thinking to myself how annoying the woman behind was as she exclaimed rather loudly due to her shock. Didn't like that she knocked onto me and didn't apologise too.

Then I realised, if I had been walking or if I had been any faster in my movement, I may have probably fell.

And I thank God I didn't.

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