How many of you have been making new year's resolutions every year and nothing comes out of it because you kinda forget about what you've made in the first place? Or, you wrote it down somewhere and your busy bee lifestyle steered you off the course and you didn't have the time to do what you had wanted to do?

Well, you are not alone. But I really hope 2017 is the year for me to change.

I am still young. 

Ahem... FYI, for us who are below 35, we are still considered as youths, okay?

Anyway, I have a lot of dreams. Dreams that I have not succeeded in making them come true. I believe you guys know what I mean. So this year, I decided to do things that I love. Yes. Just this one resolution than my usual long list of it that didn't come true. Yet.

There is a reason why I didn't do what I love or want to do for so many years and it is because of judgemental people. I cared about these people's opinions too much and I worried that they will laugh at me in my face or behind my back. True story, bro.

One example is this blog. When my wife and I started this blog, we did it because we want to share things in our daily lives that may benefit people. It is for a good cause. But when I went for my reservist the same year, people were mocking me as a blogger. I was affected. It is true.

Why do you have to laugh at me for doing things that I enjoy doing? You may question me back on why I let you get to me. Well, because I have low confidence in myself. Period.

So this year, I am aiming to do what I love, which is.... It is a secret for now. But when it is launched, I bet you will all see it without me having to share it on my Facebook.

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It is no secret that I love Apple products. This love started when I got my first Macbook White in 2009, which by the way still works even though the battery is dangerously bulging.

The reason why I did not use an iPhone as my main phone for the last two to three years was because their products did not hit the spot for me. This time around iPhone 7 is different. I saw how user-focused it has become and I like it. But this is not the topic we are discussing today.

Today, I am sharing the three useful things that I love about using an iPhone.

1) Bringing down your apps

It is hard to find a 4-inch phone nowadays where your thumb can easily touch the apps that are placed at the top of your screen. But with the clever integration of the software and the new home button (not really a button), Apple made it easier for people to reach those apps using just one hand.

When using your iPhone 7 or 7 Plus, simply double tap on your home button and the screen will be brought down to a much more comfortable level, allowing you to access the app in a breeze.

2) Tap to scroll up

Many people may not know about this function because when they are using an app, they most likely do not need to use this. But when they are scrolling their mobile browser, this is one thing that they will enjoy the most, especially when reading a long article.

Not all websites have the Go-To-Top function that allows you to quickly scroll all the way up to the top of the browser again. If you own an iPhone, you can do that by just tapping on the Time.

Thank me later.

3) Gif on the Gboard
Gboard is the Google's keyboard. Android has a Google Keyboard too but interestingly, it does not have the Google Now function. My favourite thing about this keyboard is its ability to search for gifs and share it with your friends. Come on, we all love gifs, don't we?

So there you have it - 3 things I love about using an iPhone.

What about you? What are the things you love about using an iPhone?

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Technology has advanced through the years and with competition, things are moving even faster. I love and I embraced technologies. In fact, I believe that I am light years ahead of many friends in terms of using technologies.

While these technologies are here to convenient our lives, I wonder if their appearance is also here to make our lives difficult. I'm talking about employment. With automation, I do not see the point in hiring 12 production workers to do a job when two workers are sufficient to carry out the tasks. All you need to do is to invest money to train them. Often, training costs turn out to be lower than hiring talents.

One good example is McDonald's. They have self-ordering computers in most of their stores for consumers to Do It Yourself. And I do noticed that the Hougang outlet has lesser staff since its inception. Of course this is just one outlet observation, but the logic is there. Theoretically, if I invest 50,000 dollars on a robot that can do the job, why would I invest the amount in an employee whom I need to provide annual leave, sick leave, CPF contribution and etc.?

I don't know. Maybe I'm still not quite sold on the idea that automation is the way to go for certain jobs. While it certainly improves both work and cost efficiency, it is also the root of the problem.

What do you think? Am I too pessimistic about this issue?

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Casey Neistat, the one who has brought so much inspiration into my life, has decided to end his daily vlogging, which he started in 2015.

I think his decision has impacted a lot of people who look up to him as a role model and as someone who teaches you life lessons that you already knew but unsure if anyone else feels the same way. He sort of, at times, affirms those thoughts. So go and take a look at his past 400 - 500 videos? As a huge fan of his content and how he filmed his vlogs, it is really sad that I will not be able to follow his day every night like I used to. I know that I sound like a creep but if you love YouTube like I do, you will know what I mean.

Sure, I do have other YouTubers like MacKenzie Child, Mark Wiens, Ben Brown, PsychoTravellor and CharliMarieTV who I follow closely. But Casey is just different. His ability to articulate his daily journey through video was amazing, especially his drone shots. OMG!

Anyway, what's done is done, what's gone is gone. We all have to move on.

Casey did promise that he will continue to produce creative content now with more time to mull over how he can present those content to us. I really look forward to seeing those videos, which is hopefully soon.

I just thought I should write a post about this since he is my all-time favourite YouTuber.

And yes, I am back from Seoul. Not sure if I want to blog about my trip. It can be summarised by one word - Cold.

Talk to you soon~

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I'm seeing more and more people on the street wearing a smart watch. Like many of them, I have one and it is the Pebble Time. It is a little dated as compared to the newer models that are out in the market right now.

Besides Pebble, there are many other brands who are manufacturing smart watches such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Fossil and etc. With so many attractive products out in the market, it is tempting to ditch your conventional watches and jump on the trend to get a smart watch yourself. But do you actually need it?

I have my Pebble Time with me for more than six months now. I got it at a discounted price since the newer versions were in the process at that time. It syncs really well with my phone. You only need to pair it the first time and subsequently, it will automatically connect to your phone.

The OS is really easy to use and combined it with the buttons to scroll up and down your calendar and settings, you will find it very familiar to the Casio digital watches that most of us have. One of the benefits of Pebble or any smart watches is that you can change the watch face with themes that are available in their respective stores. Like mine, I chose the Nyan Cat that runs across my watch face non-stop.

My Pebble is really useful when receiving text messages when I am on the move. Without having to take out my phone while commuting in a crowded train, I am able to read the messages just by looking at it. You can use the preset replies to send quick replies to your friends or you can speak into the mic to have it type out your reply. I am fine with both as they all work well for me.

There was once where I left my phone at the back of the room while I was doing a presentation and it rang. It was in the silent mode and I knew it rang because there was an alert on my watch. This is one of the functions that I love about my Pebble. The notifications are really useful.

I listen to music a lot using my phone and to take it in and out of my bag or pocket to switch music is a chore. With the Pebble, I am able to play, pause and skip the music on my phone in a breeze. But the controls only work on native music applications on your phone or Spotify. I cannot do the same for Apple Music.


I love my Pebble watch but after a few months of using it, I find myself returning to my conventional watches. I grew tired of having to charge my watch once every few days. This may seem like a small issue but it sort of affects my need to use it daily. Conventional watches are much simpler and I do not have to worry about whether there is enough juice in them before I wear it and head out.

Gradually, I also returned to using my phone to type my replies and since Pebble does not have support for Apple Music, I stopped relying on it for music as well. By the way, I already feedback to Pebble about the Apple Music support and hopefully they will do something about it.

So do you need a smart watch? The answer is no. You have a smartphone and a smart watch is basically an extension of what you already have. It is handy but you can live without it. It is more of a fashion accessory than something that can improve your productivity that your phone cannot.

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